Free Custom «The Developing World» Essay Paper

Free Custom «The Developing World» Essay Paper

Africa and Latin America happen to have vast resources natural that if exploited would leave many other nations in envy. Talk of the mineral resources and the wide forest covers. However there have been a number of factors which have greatly contributed to their backwardness in development. The level of child mortalities in most of these developing countries is alarming. Access to basic needs such as food, shelter and clothing is not guaranteed in most of the developing countries. The literacy levels are relatively low. Corruption and embezzlement of funds is the order of the day. War and civil strife have been the order of the day. The high rate of disease spread has led to loss of many lives.


In looking at the above problems one will discover that the problem of most of the developing countries in Africa and Latin America starts with themselves. This is attributed to poor political leadership and poor policy formulation and implementation. Lack of proper legislation has negatively impacted on development.

The policies advanced by Leaders such as Dr. Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe and The former Cuban strongman Fidel Castro are a good Example. While chasing away the whites from the farms may seem to a few that is an opportunity for the blacks to develop, most of the land was given to Mugabe cronies while the ordinary folk that lacked land remained landless. Castro’s communist policies for example have always discouraged investments as motivation of individual ownership is denied. Investors can only be attracted to invest in a country if their investments are secured.


The civil strife that has characterised the African continent has negatively impacted on the continent. Many developing countries experience political instabilities due to hunger for power which has resulted in many coups detats. In resolving the various problems facing the developing countries, various steps and resolutions are to be made. The population needs to be trained on family planning to control the rapidly increasing growth rate. The strengthening of institutions through constitutional revolutions should be done to avoid poor managerial systems.

Zimbabwe an eye sow of the African continent

Zimbabwe formerly the Southern Rhodesia has been on the wrong point for some time now. While the country was on a strong path of development in the early 1960s today it happens to be having the worst doing in economy as it tries to run away from the hyper inflation.

The policies adopted by President Mugabe have contributed to this grave situation. The President adopted the policy of chasing the whites from farms with an intention giving it to the blacks. However this project has had a negative impact on the country’s economy.

The whites who happened to be carrying out large-scale farming had been ejected leading to reduction in agricultural production. The expertise that the white farmers had couldn’t be matched with the new land owners whom large-scale farming was a foreign idea. Furthermore land was being dished out to Mugabe’s cronies hence not serving the purpose of the project.


President Mugabe has used all tactics to ensure he retains power. Press intimidation is the order of the day especially during elections. This has led to many journalists falling into self censorship. The sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe due to Mugabe”s government activities have heard a negative bearing on the economy. The arrest, detention and victimisation of opposition [political figures just explains how Mugabe pins down the voice that is Democracy.

Mugabe is just an extreme version of a good number of the African Presidents who are self centred and don’t have the well being of their countries at heart. They are driven by their selfish interest. Africa needs to stand up beyond the obstacle that is self centred political interests.



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