Free Custom «Marketing of a President» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Marketing of a President» Essay Paper
Barack Obama has rewritten the history in prestigious US elections: A man who changed a history of US recently in president elections was Barack Obama. The day, November 4 2008 has getting more specials after the astonishing win achieved by barrack Obama. It is very surprising to watch such an inexperienced person who gets such identity as a president of US. He was the very first African- American candidate gets good response from the people of US. This is one of the unpredicted results, came up on this presidential elections. If we deeply analyze his win over presidential elections, we may get know by what strategies he occupied this prestigious president of US. The Barack Obama is a highly talented person, his own skilful creation and management was the only reason made him to this level. Barack Obama?s advertising and communication strategies in his presidential campaigns: Recently, the Barack Obama has been name as a winner of Advertising Age?s marketers of year 2008. He used to get some reasonable marketing strategies and knowledge?s of maintaining relations with public by the three experienced persons.
They are David Axelrod who is a chief strategist, David plouffe, who is a manager for such overall campaign and finally the communication director, Robert Gibbs. These three-experienced persons shared their own thoughts with Obama. Their thoughts as well as Obama?s own way of innovative thinking has made a way easily for him for ending up with successful note in this prestigious presidential elections. The Barack Obama initially used to play golf and engage himself in a well-known poker nights to get chance for meeting some highly influential people. The Barack Obama highly prefers and he takes more efforts from his side to maintain the relationship with public. The messaging strategies of Barack Obama: The Barack Obama from the very day he came up with effective messaging strategies. He used such messaging strategies as a main weapon for winning such presidential elections. In his message to the media, he spokes many things about the negatives of bush led republican parties.
He blames the previous governments with more evidential proof in his own hands. He specially mentioned the issues of Iraq war, which was well reach among the every part in US. The quality speakers can be speaking with powerful words, the Obama knew for it. Yes, in every meeting addressing to media, he is coming up with well-packed information and he used to deliver it with powerful words. During his election campaign, he targets every community groups by his powerful speech, which may alone get popular about him quite easily. There was consistency of powerful words seems in his every speech which may open the door easily for him as a president. Barak used web 2.0 as a powerful tool in his own election campaign: Communication is the most powerful tool especially in the arena of politics, which cannot be, evade at any cost. Since from the early decades, every political leader are used such tactics in their election campaigns. For example, the Franklin D. Roosevelt used radio as a primary weapon in order to convey his own message to public. After the existence of advancement in technologies, the john F. Kennedy prefers television as a powerful weapon for his political war. In the same way, president Obama had prefers digital age web 2.0 as a main tool on his presidential campaign The Barack Obama, a talented person had such proper awareness in his mind. Obama used You Tube for improving his popularity all over the country: The YouTube is one of the fast growing one in the social media. There has been so many visitors are often visiting YouTube in daily basis. So seeing such growth in YouTube, Mr. Obama made his mind open for allowing his every speech to be telecast in YouTube. This was also the main reason for made him popular in the quite succession of period. After finishing his own speech in media especially in evening, he likes to see YouTube for watching him personally as a ordinary public. This might help him to rectify the mistakes which he done in his early speech quite easily.

Why I support Barack Obama?

The present should be an ideal role mode for the every citizen and every global partner all over the world.
The role of president is to make some reasonable efforts from his own side in order to make the country brightest. It is good for a nation to have a president who is good at listening, studying. Therefore, from the overall view, from my bunch of experience I will strongly support Barack Obama as a US president with full interests. Do you want to know why I am supporting Barack Obama? The reason is very simple; the Barack Obama is having all the above qualities to be a prestigious president of US. This was quite impressed for me from the very first day of his election campaign. Obama opponent?s mistakes made him to gain victory easily: In his election campaign, he came out with full-prepared marketing and advertising strategies, which was, make him unique among other opponents. In my deep view I will say, the opponent of Barack Obama was not full prepares for making strategies in well advance in both marketing as well as for advertising. This may allows the opponents of Obama to face unexpected loss in this presidential election.



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