Free Essay Sample «Overtime Pay»

Free Essay Sample «Overtime Pay»

Overtime Pay The call center industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world today because many companies are outsourcing their customer service representatives in order to provide for the needs of the growing clienteles. The work environment of a call center is not normal because unlike the normal office work schedule, the call center industry has a morning and graveyard shift. Most of the call center agents and customer service representatives are working on a graveyard shift which runs from 6 in the evening to early morning because most of the call centers are catering clients from the United States of America.

Because of the crucial schedules of the call center agents, many business processing outsourcing companies are paying overtime pays especially when there are less call center agents and more work call flow.

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Such situation is detrimental to small scaled business because it affects the profitability. Hence, there is a need for eradicating the overtime pay which only benefits the owner and is detrimental to the workers. Reclassifying the workers as exempt and eradicates the overtime pay will enable the business owner to reduce the cost of the business while more people are working for him which entails continuous business operations. However, there is a great problem on this scenario. Even if the employees will be given a raised, it is still different when working overtime and not being paid. This will discourage the employees from working because they are not being compensated enough. As a result, the rate of absentees and late will increase. This will even put the business operations on hold as there will be less call center agents to assist consumers.

On a wider view, many callers will be put into hold and will wait for a long time before they get their concerns addressed. This will reflect a bad impact on the personality of the business. In this regard, it cannot be denied that if a business will make an investment, the best it can do is to invest in its workers. Employees that are paid well are more determined to produce great outputs.


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