Free Custom «Immigration in the United States» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Immigration in the United States» Essay Paper


The United States is a nation of immigrants. Immigration issue is hotly debated and various experts are trying to come out with ways of ending the problem

There are different public opinions concerning immigration whereby the proponents present their arguments in favor of mostly hard-line standpoints, mostly void of any objectivity and broadness in perspectives.

This presentation gives a chronological flow of the research on socio-economic impact of immigration in the United States

Research Objective

The main objective of this research is to find out and understand the socio-economic impacts of immigration in the US.

Literature Review

According to ACRL (2008), there is need for more standardized guidelines for conduction researches in political science effectively.

In a research facilitated by the National Bureau of Economic in US, the rise in the number of immigrants in the US is described by David Cutler (2005).

Jeffrey (2005) indicates that the large immigrant population is a source of worry for the authorities in the government and leads to implementation of policies that causes debates over the immigration problem.

Finally, Johnson (2006) explains why the rhetorical exchanges in the political arena on the issue of immigration are going to hinder effective curbing of the illegal immigrations into the US.

Research designHypothesis

The study was aimed at uncovering whether immigration has adverse effects on the socio-economic life of the Americans. The alternative hypothesis is that immigration has positive effects on the social-economic lives of the American. 

Indicators and data sources

The evidences examined are sources touching specifically on the issue of Mexican immigration, both legal and illegal and factors behind the social dynamism.


            Secondary sources such as journals, government records and books are used in this research. The use of secondary sources is a universally accepted methodology of political science research and they provide numerous sources of information on the research topics in political science.

Information can also be obtained from various groups such as rights groups, labor unions, the US government, economists, and sociologists because political science’s main substratum is based on interactions among people.

For the research to be effective there is need to involve the use of relevant study samples providing an accurate assessment and answer to the research hypothesis.


The research process

The process involves the identification, scrutiny and comparison of the reliable research sources. Comparison was done to come up with the most objective sources.

Why use secondary sources?

Secondary sources are reliable and easily accessible. Therefore, they can accomplish the scope of the study within the limited sources, time, and skill in research available at this level.

Obstacles that might be faced

  • Limited time
  • Inadequate resources and capital
  • Reduction of reliability of research by stakes
  • Bias on immigration issues
  • Teaching political science students early on in the curriculum on the importance and significance of different research methodologies.
  • Taking into account the problems faced by prior researchers.
  • Allowing enough time for research.
  • Provision of enough capital and resources.

How to overcome the obstaclesConclusion

In a nutshell, immigration has both positive and negative impacts on the socio-economic life of the Americans. It is a controversial issue for government policy-making. Illegal immigration and humanitarian assistance conflict in a way that demands the careful trending by the forces that play an instrumental role in regulating the immigration of individuals into the US. Finally, a challenge lies upon the policy makers to come up with policies that will reduce the issues raised by immigration and address its economic and social issues.



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