Free Custom «Business Protection » Essay Paper

Free Custom «Business Protection » Essay Paper

In the recent years, many businesses are adopting legal measures and other constraints in order to protect various business presses from investigating the activities of the business and publishing critical articles about business affairs. These affairs include; financial problems, trading operations, board room rows, and senior management misconduct among other negative issues in a business organisation. The reason behind this is to prevent the organisation from getting exposed to its competitors and ensuring that the, corporate public, image of the organisation is not negatively affected.

I have worked for many years as CIO for various organisations, in order to achieve the goal of ensuring, that no investigation on affairs of the business carried out by the business press media and furthermore, no publications on negative affairs gets published. The main tools used enhance this are usually legal; this is where the organisations come up with policies preventing media from investigating the activities of the business.

The only way to ensure that the organisation get protection is by developing policies that inhibit its employees from cooperating with various media, and linking information that may be harmful to the organisation. This can not only be achieved by mere policies, which do not, outline the disciplinary actions that must be taken against those employees found linking information on the company's affairs for the business press media. In addition, it’s up to the organization’s management to develop tools that can be used to monitor the activities of its employees to avoid defaults from some the employees. The key objective of this paper is to show some of the tools that can be used to ensure that media prevented from investigating the affairs of the company.

One of the tools used is monitoring emails; the organisation may develop a system that monitor the emails that sent by its employees to other parties. The main objective to be achieved by email monitoring is to ensure that employees do not link important information to competitors within the organisation to the press media. This goes a long way in preventing the business presses from publishing articles that may damage the corporate image of the organisation. For instance, if a paper gets published on leadership wrangles within organisation shareholders loses faith on those who they have nominated to manage the company on their behalf.

Another tool used by many organisations is telephone monitoring; this is where all calls received within the organisation get monitored. The reason behind this monitoring is to ensure that there is no use of telephones as a mean of passing critical information about the business to the media. This information may be on financial problems of the company; this may not have a positive impact on the performance of the company.

One of the most common tools used by many organisations in monitoring the activities of its employees is by use of videos. This method is the most effective method as the activities within the organisation closely monitored. This plays a major role in ensuring that employees do not engage in activities that may damage the image of the organisation (Juneja, 2011). This tool may as well be effective in preventing the business press from investigating the affairs of the company.

Computer monitoring is another tool used to monitor the activities of their employees. This mainly occurs where the management develops systems that monitor information that maybe stored or passed from the organisation to other parties using these computers. The most effective method is by coming up with software that monitors the activities carried out by computers within the organisation. The software is set in a way that they can detect any activity of an employee who is passing information concerning the organisation to third parties. This method is the best especially in this era of technology in the world.

Businesses may use existing laws and regulations within a given country of its operations to protect it from negative activities of the media that may damage its image. One way that management can do to prevent a certain business press from publishing certain information is by seeking for a court order directing the said media from publishing that information. In most case, many media houses may be used in the competition by various competitors to publish information that will damage the image of their competitor so that they can have some competitive advantage over the competitor (Kleiman, 2010). In order to ensure that media does not get abused as a channel of promoting unfair competition, among the various sector of the economy the law has provisions that a power the court of law to issue an order preventing such information from publication.

In conclusion, the above tools if carefully used by the management of a given organisation will go along the way in preventing the organisation from the damages that may be caused by the press which may publish information that may be unfavorable to the growth and survival of the organisation in the market. It is my hope that this paper will be useful to those who are planning to come up with tools of regulating the information that goes to the hand of the business press media.



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