Free Custom «An Economic Look at Slavery in the United States» Essay Paper

Free Custom «An Economic Look at Slavery in the United States» Essay Paper


Millions of people from Africa were taken to America especially southern USA to work as laborers in the farms in America. These people were treated badly while others were treated very well although some of them they treated as animals. Even if the slaves were to be treated well their roles were slaves and slaves means no freedom of choice because one is owned by others. This means that your children, your parents, your sisters and brothers will be sold to anyone without your say. This means that the slaves have no right like another human being. They were taken to court by white and anybody who convinced a slave was treated to have stolen like anybody can steal a cow or a goat. Many factors contributed to slavery in America, the factors that contributed to slavery in America is what this paper intends to discuss in detail.

Economic factors that contributed to slavery

Cotton plantation- the availability of large plantation of cotton gave the southerners an opportunity to demand for laborers to work in these farms. The blacks who were slaves worked hard on these plantations something that made the southerners felt in need. The cotton industry was performing very well thus creating a cotton kingdom something that brought in many slaves until the population of southerners consisted of a third blacks.
The slave ensures that there was huge production of cotton which was sold to North America and Europe. Laborers-American farms required laborers for productions. The production of other foods apart from cotton required cheap labour in which slaves played an important role because once one had paid for a slave was not required to pay any cent unlike fellow American laborers can be paid regular wages. This caused a lot of problems as most people engaged in a business of stealing slaves. Anybody who had large tracks of land will own many slaves and was considered a rich man. Development of industries-the development of industries in united states required laborer and these laborers should be cheap and therefore, the slave trade provided for these laborers that were required by the industries.

Impacts of Slavery in United States of America as an Imagination

One of the consequence of slave trade in United States of America as an emerging nation was a racial discrimination which affected the social, economic, cultural and psychological fibers of the state.
Racial discrimination was shown in many areas such as underpayments of slaves, denying blacks from well paying jobs, segregating blacks in various institutions such as schools, transport, industries and many other places. The other factor of slave trade is the creation of African-American population in the United States. The slaves increased American population by at least 12 million in the 17th centaury. This population played an important role in many activities in the united stats of America. Current the blacks? population has managed to have an influence on political life of America. The other consequence of the slave trade in America is the strong economic development that America experienced. Efforts of slaves in the plantations contributed to great growth of various industries. The other consequence of slave trade is the emergence of movement for the blacks. These movements also saw the development of women movement such as the women rights that read to the giving of women power to vote. Community of civil rights activists emerged, because they believed there was class system in the society which needed to be abolished. After slavery the situation did not turn better. The Blacks were subjected to humiliation and racial segregation in all aspects of the lives. Jobs which were given to the Blacks were all menial in nature and they had to respect the White Americans in all forms and if they failed to do so they were severely punished. It was believed that the Black youth did not have the aptitude and the capacity to do skilled jobs. Similarly in the case of air force it was believed that the Black youths will not be able to handle the flying of planes in a successful manner. During the Second World War for the first time a training institute was built for the Black youths in the Tuskegee Institute at Alabama under the pressure of the Black leaders and the Black press. In the institute the Blacks for the first time received training and instructions regarding flying of planes. The first group of trained pilots was included in the Second World War. A deadly politics continued against the Black soldiers in the US army. Even those Black soldiers who had adequate qualification and worth to rise to high ranks were denied higher posts on the ground that they were Black.
This was done so that the Whites could maintain their supremacy in the armed forces. The Whites in fact were afraid to lose their power position to those of the Blacks and that is the reason they did not want the Blacks to occupy the higher posts. Similarly even if vacancies were created in the all Blacks unit it remained empty because nobody other than the Blacks would fill up the posts as it was a racially segregated unit and the Whites felt demeaned to join those units. Thus we can say that the Whites took all possible steps to humiliate the Black airmen within the army. Some of the White soldiers deliberately carried on such discrimination so that the Black soldiers move away from the army and the Whites in turn can get back their all White army. It is surprising that after being subject to ill treatment the Black airmen or the Tuskegee airmen successfully created a history of America. It is true that their efforts did not have an immediate result but certainly it was able to bring about a path breaking change in the history of the US army. It was because of the Tuskegee airmen that US army in the year 1949 brought about integration of the army according to which no more separate units will be maintained in the army based on race.



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