Free Custom «Word Terms» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Word Terms» Essay Paper

Romanticism is the quality or state of being romantic, it can also be defined as an emphasis on the imagination and emotions, and marked by sensibility of one’s feelings, it can also be known as an appreciation of external nature or an interest in something. The importance romanticism in the study of modern literature was an ethical response of people toward each other and the environment.  One of its goals was to redeem nature from the scientific world. Another importance of the Romanticism was the Gothic romance. Where the women are a big part of the romance it brings out the Imagination and subjectivity of their characters. Mostly it encourages freedom of thoughts and expression of ideas in different ways. Another vital feature of Romanticism is the exotic. Romantics provide images situated in different places, in the spirit of their new freedom.

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            The romantic man looks for liberty and tries to run away from all the compulsory ways that stop this liberty, nature and fervor lead the human being to big eagerness. Nature is also very important to romantics it helps them cultivate sensibility to nature. Romanticism has made people more civilised by bringing about a feeling of security hence people feel free to travel for the sense of pleasure.

            Existentialism means that man is full of anxiety and despair with no meaning in his life, just simply existing, until he has made a decision about his own future.  The importance existentialism in the modern literature is that it insists on the uniqueness of individuals. It shows the importance of human life and its problems. It also emphasis on personal choices, that is why there is a difference in individuals personal choices such as religion, politics and moral convictions. Humans define themselves through an act of living where they interact with others.

            They also have free will which means responsibility of choices and actionsExistentiallism gives priority in significance to the existence, in the sense of existence as a conscious subject. It defines the existence as a conscious being against all efforts to define someone or to reduce them to other things

            Aesthetics can be defined as the natural world of beauty, art and flavour, and with the creation and approval of beauty.It can also be defined as the study of sensory emotional values also called judgments of sentiment and taste. It can also be known as a reflection on art, culture and nature. The importance of aesthetics in modern literature is the objective of beauty that is, inherent in the entity itself. Beauty is subjective; it depends on the attitude of the observer. And rest their judgments and feelings. Aesthetic has made life to be lived intensely with the ideal of beauty. Beauty has a style which involves, sensuality, great use of symbols, and effects that correspond with, words, colours and music. Music is used to establish a conducive mood.



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