Free Custom «Wellness» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Wellness» Essay Paper


This essay will examine the pathway to complete wellness and will include examples on the pathway to wellness for a lifetime. I will also give the components that make up total wellness and opinions concerning wellness since I started the class.


Generally, wellness depicts a healthy balance of mind, body and spirit. This results in an overall well-being of a person in all aspects. Therefore wellness is defined as the state of staying in good condition physically, mentally and spiritually through health choices in life and having a balanced state of all these parts of psyche (Definition of Wellness).   

Pathway to complete wellness

To arrive at the best definition of wellness, then one needs to explore all the important definitions of life and the fundamental role they play in his/her health. These are the concepts that embrace positive health behaviors that promote that state of mental balance and fitness. Spiritual wellness

This is the expression of one’s humanity in love. By being alive to the presence of love, spiritual love is then manifested in you. This is then experienced as health that will function optimally in a state of care freeness in natural spontaneous way. For a pathway to wellness, one needs to have all the dimensions of wellness which are discussed below;

Emotional wellness

This means that mastering your daily moods and observing daily response or reactions to life situations. Emotional health is like a deep well such that when the water is clean everybody drinks from it. A person’s well being and that of others depends on his/her emotional wellness because we are inter-connected.

Physical wellness

Physical wellness encompasses aspects of life that are necessary to keep in top condition. This is developed through combining physical activities and healthy eating habits. This is also concerned with developing responsibilities for one’s own health care like caring for minor illness and seeking professional help when needed. The body acts as a formal expression of physiological development and as well as a personal evolution.

Social wellness

This means developing healthy relationships with those around you. This is important in maintaining a balanced healthy lifestyle. This is necessary for a full and complete life as our relationships are an important part of the people we are and how we feel. Social wellness therefore involves the act of building healthy relationships, nurturing and being supportive of those relationships.

Financial wellness

Our attitudes towards money have a great effect on our overall health wellbeing. To bring peace and contentment into our lives and into our family, we need to live within our means. Proper management of money is key to living abundantly and happily. These include the art of learning money management because basically, it is not the money that one earns that can bring peace but having control of the money.

Psychological wellness

This means what is right with people rather than what is wrong with them. This is because psychology is usually about negative. Positive psychology will thus work for a balanced view of approach to humans.

Career wellness

Career satisfaction and job satisfaction relate to happiness with a person’s life and contributes to contentment in many ways. This satisfaction comes from the overall happiness experienced through one’s choice of occupations (Definition Of Wellness).

Total wellness is made up when a person achieves all the above seven dimensions on wellness. My opinion about wellness has greatly changed since I started this class. I used to hold the view that wellness meant being free from diseases but I have now realized that it encompasses several dimensions that have been discussed above.


We have seen that wellness encompasses more than the wellbeing of the body fre from diseases. There are seven dimensions of wellness. For a pathway to wellness, one needs to have all the dimensions of wellness which are: physical wellness, social networks wellness, financial health wellness, career health wellness, spiritual health wellness, family/relationship wellness and psychological wellness.



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