Free Custom «The Meaning and Sources of Public Policy» Essay Paper

Free Custom «The Meaning and Sources of Public Policy» Essay Paper

Public policy is the government’s attempt to address public policies. The city, state and federal governments develop their public policies in terms of regulations, laws, actions and decisions. The three parts that are involved in the making of public policy include players, problems and the policy. A player is an individual who influences the development of a plan that addresses the available problem. Policy is the last action course that is decided upon by the governments and problem is an issue to be addressed (wiseGEEK).

One of the sources of public policy is the administrative rule. For instance, the administrative regulations that are promulgated within the administrative agency authority are considered to be allowable sources of public policy. For example, the Utah Supreme Court said that the administrative agency rules should be given the same status as other sources of public policy and that this source has been recognized by other states (Perritt, H. 2006). Secondly, the public policy is made by the public officials such as political leaders who dramatizes the importance of some issues and mobilizes cooperation and public support (Gerston, L. 2010).

DQ #3 – Contracts: In your own words explain what a contract is and what elements are needed for a contract to be formed.

Contract is an agreement that is made between two or more parties in which offers are made and accepted and results to the benefit of involved party. The essential elements of a contract include;

  1. Offer which is what is offered to another part for some returns.
  2. Acceptance which is the manifestation of the assent to available terms and conditions.
  3. Legal purpose whereby the objectives of the contract must be within the law.
  4. Mutuality of obligation which is the parties’ mutual understanding to the meaning of their agreement i.e. they must agree on a common thing (Legal elements of a contract).


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