Free Custom «Team Player» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Team Player» Essay Paper

Leadership is the act of influencing people socially to accomplish a set or common goal (Northouse, 2003). Effective leaders are people who process desires and the willpower. John Macionis was a leader of legacy eager to learn and share his experiences. He was eager to learn whenever he went and ready to share whatever he learnt with people around him (Macionis, 2005). Leaders are people who are willing to learn from others since they understand that leaders are made rather than born. Furthermore, leaders are people who are honest; understand who they are and what they can do. A leader should be able to inspire his follower since he acts as a mentor. Macionis understood that a leader has to be ahead for others to follow. He enjoyed swimming and led in almost all categories (Macionis, 2005). This means that a leader should convince those that follow him that he is worth following.

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Additionally, leadership entails setting an example through verbal and nonverbal communication. This is because people are different in different ways and learn through different styles. Leadership helps in instilling a sense of goal achievement in the followers. Additionally, people will wish to be lead by a peson with respect and posses an apparent sense of direction. This means a person who has a strong vision of the future and respects others. Therefore, leadership entails trust, confidence, effective communication, and helping employees in understanding their impact to the company. Leadership influences people, inspires groups, and leads to the attainment of set goals (Northouse, 2003).

John head was basketball coach from America. In a course of 21 seasons when he headed the Nashville Business College, his team won at least eleven times. Additionally, he acted as the head trainer in USA for several years. He won in most of the matches because of his characteristics as a team player. He understood that an effective team player is always responsible in the sense of time management and accomplishing tasks and duties on time. He listens to the members in his team and does not jump into conclusion (Maxwell, 2006). A team player communicates effectively with his members and give support whenever need arises. He is responsible in sharing workload and flexible in the way he does his work. This means he does not always stick to the old way of doing work.

A team player demonstrates reliability, hhas constructive communication, shares information willingly, shows commitment to the team, and is a problem-solver. Therefore, becoming an effective team player is the best thing for the player and his team. This could be achieved through reinforcing development systems and rewarding members who perform extra ordinary to yield extra in expectations (Maxwell, 2006). They should always bear in mind that if they cannot deliver nor do certain things then their team would not on the other side. Head was able to lead many teams to success because he believed in himself. The teams were able to win and get medals.

In conclusion, leadership and team playing have similar characteristics and goals. They go hand in hand since leaders and team players are people who are to be followed by others. They are required to be good listeners and put the needs of the people they lead first. They should be ready to learn and acquire knowledge and skills that they can share with those that they lead. Therefore, leadership and team playing entail influencing towards the attainment of certain set goals and objectives. It is very critical to any leader and team player to attain the targeted goals and objectives.


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