Free Custom «Summary» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Summary» Essay Paper

Trust is simply referred to that believe that one party exposes towards a second party. It can also be understood on the perspective of faith and confidence in someone. Justice on the other hand deals with pure fairness. It is seen as the concept of moral upwardness that is based entirely on ethics. Lastly ethics refers to that code of behavior. It covers what is good and what is bad, what is right and what is wrong and also justice. Thus the above three forms an individual morally.

Since we have learnt that trust is all about believe among various parties, we can conclude that the trust based on how members in a certain party behave towards each other. For instance, how the workers in senior level relate to those in corresponding low positions. Trust is built through friendship, understanding and co-operation. In companies trust is seen as a very vital aspect such that without it, the desired business may not run properly. Some authorities are more trusted than others and this is because the owe certificates to prove how good they are. These certificates act as a bridge to strengthen their trust towards the public and also other companies. Other than trust, with these certificates, a company can also earn itself security. Thus trust is very vital in a company or a business. (Question 1, why some authorities are trusted than others)

A good and trusted friend is that who advices you positively on the way you carry out yourself. He can go up to an extend of advising and guiding you in your career path. He achieves this by influencing you on your current professional or even your education. In my case I would be willing to let my trustworthy partner advice me on my weak points so that I could allocate more time there and work to strengthen it. Suppose am weak in education and I would like to seek some advice from someone, I would quickly rush to my partner. In other cases, I may have many challenges regarding my work; I would still run for his piece of advice. Trust can be based on integrity and ability. (Question 2, significant influence over professional)

Learning refers to that aspect of knowing something either through teaching or coaching. This can be administered either by teachers, trainers, and lecturers among others. It is through learning that we are able to gain knowledge that we require. Thus learning can be defined as the process and experience of gaining knowledge or even a skill. This is done mostly in schools. Knowledge can be classified into two. Explicit knowledge refers to the type of learning where you can use your imagination to learn. For instance, you can picture someone sitting down on a desk to learn. This type of knowledge can also be coded and stored in a certain media.

Tacit knowledge on the other hand deals with those who are employed. It is all a matter of experience gaining by the latter. Thus it is defined as the type of knowledge where employees learn through experience. In most organizations, tacit knowledge is common. Learning can also be administered through self observation. Thus there are two theories which try to explain this. Social learning theory states that people in an organization can learn have the ability to learn through the observations of other people in the organization. This is very much evident in our today’s life. Behavioral theory where in this case, people learn through the actions of others and use this as a tool to correct themselves where they go wrong. (Question 3, what is learning))

In learning, we have what we call training. Thus training refers to the art of acquiring knowledge as a result of teaching or vocational skills. It is also seen as the organizational effort of facilitating the learning of the desired knowledge and behavior. Training is very important when it comes to learning as it is through this that we are able to acquire the skills that we have always desired to. Special figures are assigned to handle this enormous role so that at the end positive results are achieved.

Decision making refers to that mental ability and process that results in the election of something that you desire. It also forms part of trust, learning and knowledge. This is because you cannot make a decision if you do not have any knowledge; and without learning you could not have acquired knowledge. Thus the three work together. Decisions are oftenly made. They can be made in work places, at home, in schools among other places. Decisions are made in a step wise manner. For instance some of the methods that can be helpful in decision making are such as; nonprogrammed decisions and this is a case where the situation is new. Rational decision making and this ensures the utilization of all the available resources to make the best decision. Lastly programmed decisions which are automatic (Question 4, what is decision making)

An expert is someone with high knowledge and skill as regards a certain subject. A novice is a person who is new in a certain field. Thus an expert has more knowledge and skills therefore he is able to handle every task assigned to him with all comfort as compared to a novice who will have to struggle through learning so that he can reach the level of an expert. I consider myself a rational decision maker. I am determined to be more rational in programmed decision making as they are automatic in nature. Non programmed decisions may be a headache at times and this is because the situation that arises may be new. (Question 5 & 6, what the term expert means, what experts do that novices do not.)



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