Free Custom «Spheres of Influence» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Spheres of Influence» Essay Paper

Spheres of influence(SOI) is term mainly used in diplomacy to refer to a situation where a foreign influence or power has or maintains control to the host country despite the fact he’s is not part of the nation (French & Raven, 1991). The term was started being applied in international law during the scramble for colonies in the late 19th century when the powers at the time were scrambling for colonies especially in Africa and other remote parts of the world. Sometimes it means an agreement between states where one pledges to keep off another areas influence or sphere of influence.

French & Raven (1991) observe that the SOI can be in different manners from military, to political or even economical. It can be as a result of different power grappling for the influence for example during the cold war the USA and USSR were the super powers and had spheres of influence or nations where they controlled what was happening because of their powers which resulted in benefits or lack of there in relation to complying the required regulations.

In business SOI can be used where large corporations control market shares hence influencing product use and supply. To ensure this happens the company has to open the store sat the appropriate pace and ensure the stocking of the desired products for the consumer market.

Today in international law some of sphere of influence is not recognized though some countries still indirectly affect the policies and politics (French & Raven, 1991). After the collapse of the USSR the axis also came to an end as there were no competing powers and the eastern bloc is no longer there opening up everywhere to globalization . the end of the these even in corporate world where for example Microsoft controlled all the operating software for computers is competition for services hence increased trade and quality of services provided.



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