Free Custom «Revision Skills» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Revision Skills» Essay Paper

Revision can be defined as the correction and improvement of one’s writing skills (Xudong, 2003). Revision is done when ones work fails to meet the required standards of basic writing. It is recommended when ones work is analyzed and it is concluded that their work is unsatisfactory. Revision can be done in a number of ways, by altering ones work when it is needed or simply starting a fresh. Revision is important as is helps to sharpen the writers writing skills by showing them where they went wrong and how to amend their work.

When writing, a good introduction is mandatory as it defines and explains in brief what the entire paper is all about. It gives the reader insight on what the paper intends to discuss and basically makes or breaks a work of writing. The introduction should briefly summarize all the items that will be discussed in the body of the essay and should clearly inform us of what to expect in the essay. The quality of an introduction often determines the readers’ interest in an essay.

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A well written introduction gives a reader a good first impression, and entices him/her to continue reading the essay. To write a good introduction, the writer can use a number of techniques to ensure that their reader remains entertained. These include, giving a little ‘leaked’ information from the essay, asking a provocative question or creating a mysterious and enigmatic setting. A good introduction ultimately urges the reader to give a good commentary at the end.

Writing resources often help a reader to easily write a simple and understandable essay. They give one helpful tips and guidelines that help a writer know where they have gone wrong and how to correct it. Therefore when a writer receives work that requires revision, using resource centers, he/she can use the given guidelines and modify their work according to the instructions given. This helps the writer to produce professional, well written work that is pleasing to the reader.


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