Free Custom «Reasoning» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Reasoning» Essay Paper


Faith is the conviction or trust in the truth or reliability of an individual, idea or an object for which there may be no physical proof. Faith is absolute trust, the reverse of doubts. In the religious context, it is the trust in a Supreme Being, a transcendent reality or a set of ideas. Faith sometimes is misconceived as a belief i.e. not based on logical proof or evidence. In general, terms faith is the conviction of the mind that something is true or a conviction that a declaration by someone is true based on that persons’ perceived ability and reliability.


Reason is the mental ability or the inherent intellectual faculty that generates conclusions from premises. It is the method or logic by which rational beings explain or validates cause and effect. It is a testimonial offered to validate or explain a belief or deed. Reason is sound judgment or the normal powers of mind. Philosophically it is the ability of gaining logical knowledge through the comprehension of the first principles directly or by argument.


Imagination refers to the capacity or the process of creating mental images, feelings, and ideas, in a time when they are not apparent to the senses. Imagination is creations of the mind or the process of forming these creations. It is the inherent ability and process by human beings to make up partial or full realms in mind from aspects resulting from sense perceptions of the corporeal world.


Culture is an institutional, organizational, or a societal set of collective attitudes, ideals, objectives, and practices that typify it. It refers to the character that is favored by a social group. Culture can also be defined as the preferences in art and manners that characterize a social group. Culture is not related to just human beings.

Culture dissonance

Dissonance simply means a deep-seated lack of agreement. It is disharmony at the basic level. Cultural dissonance’ is a sense of disharmony that arises from unanticipated or inexplicable fundamental cultural discrepancies or contradictions, which are not easy to negotiate. Cultural dissonance is common to individuals who are in the middle of a revolution in their cultural setting.



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