Free Essay Sample «Product Recalled»

Free Essay Sample «Product Recalled»

Product recall is an office season three episode where a woman is approached by two men after seeing her having sex in the farm. She claims to have seen animals in the act, completely unaware of the fact that the two men saw her doing it with another man in the farm. The two men want a repeat of the action and calmly tell her to go back to the farm. It dawns to her that the two men knew everything that took place and were only asking for favors. According to them, though the “two animals were smiling”, the act was not done in a proper way therefore there was need for a recall of the products.

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In business aspect, products are usually recalled when there are defects and are unfit for human consumption or use. They are replaced by good ones then send back to the market. The two men wanted a repeat of the act and were ready to provide the necessary help that was required. They have a feeling that the goods were not made in a proper way therefore there was need for a repeat of the process. The interests of both parties; the consumer and the product owner have to be fully catered for. It had to be done for a number of reasons, the main one being to fulfill the interests of the consumers. The company’s image was also to be protected because the nature of the products would change the perception of the company’s trusted customers.

The main aim of starting a business is to make profit. Strategies are put in place to ensure that what is produced satisfactorily meets the demand of the customers. When the products are produced below the expectations and are likely to cause harm to the consumers then the desired objectives may not be attained. Product recall can therefore be avoided through laying down strategies that are aimed at ensuring that the end products meet the required expectations. The woman should have realized that doing the act in the farm was detrimental. She should have organized it elsewhere to avoid the situation she was going through. Procedures should be clearly stated and the targets set.


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