Free Custom «Problem Definition Report» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Problem Definition Report» Essay Paper

The current system of attendance in ABCCHS is a combination of both manual and automated components. Due to manual part the existing system at ABCCHS is time consuming and creating troubles for the management.


The participants involved in the system are executives, teachers, students and front office management while parents are also the side participants though they are not directly involved in the attendance or roll system. The ultimate output of the system, in the form of absence reports of the children, is associated with the parents in order to inform them the status of the school attendance of their children.

Purpose of the System

The purpose of the system is to manage the attendance or roll of the students in the classroom at ABCCHS. Initially the attendance process is manual and the attendance is taken by the teachers in the classroom and then this information is stored in the system database. The very purpose of the system is to keep the record of the students, who are late comers or leaving the school early and this record is maintained in the computer system after taking the signature of the students at front office as a proof of their activity. So the system is also used to record the whole day and partial day leaves of the students.

User Requirements

User (teachers, front office management) wants to save the attendance record of the system in the database efficiently. User (teachers, front office management) wants to save the record of the whole day and partial day leaves of the students in the database. User (teachers, front office management) wants to save the record of the students who are late comers or leaving the school early after taking the signatures of the students.


Data Requirements of System

The data requirements of the current system are mainly divided into two major streams i.e. presence and absence of the students in the classroom. The absence stream of the data is further divided into two categories i.e. whole day absence and partial day absence. There will also be the information of the student along with this information. The data of the student will also be stored in the form of his or her name, father name, classroom, class, roll number, address and other information if required.

Information Technology

As the current system which is implemented in ABCCHS is based on manual and automated components so the manual part is managed by the users on registers while the automated part of the system is managed using computer based system. The current system is not a distributed system rather it is residing on a stand alone PC. The software system is designed in Visual Basic 6 and Access is used as a database in order to restore the data of the students. The Operating System which is used in order to run the system is Windows XP.

Information Processes

There information processes which are involved in the existing system are collecting, organizing, storing and retrieving, processing, analyzing, transmitting and receiving. In collection process the data is collected from the resources like attendance registers of the students. In organization process the data is organized using paper based and electronic forms. In storing and retrieving process the data of any student can be stored or retrieved using the existing system. In processing process of the existing system the data is manipulated using both manual and automated means. The existing system at ABCCHS also provides the facility of analysis and in analysis process the data is analyzed in order to make some important decisions. In the transmission and receiving process the data is communicated across all channels in the school.

Social and Ethical Issues

There may be certain social and ethical issues like the system may be insecure. The existing system at ABCCHS is not providing equality of access at all levels e.g. to teachers and the teachers are following a traditional method of entering the attendance on registers. The existing system is very time consuming so it’s not reliable in terms of efficiency and it is highly costly.


In order to eliminate the drawbacks of existing system the senior management at ABCCHS has decided to implement a new system in the school which is based on electronic ID cards. The new system will be more efficient and less time consuming because there will not be any manual entry of data and the whole system will be fully automated which will help in getting any type of information from the stored data.


The participants in the current system will be mainly executives at ABCCHS, teachers, front office and developers of the new system. These participants will coordinate with each other in order to develop the new system and they will find the problems in the existing implemented system. The problem analysis will help them to find out a robust sort of solution for attendance system at ABCCHS.

Data Requirements of System

In order to design the new system based on electronic ID cards there will be the need of the students roll number or school registration number, name of the student, father’s name of the student, address of the student, class of the student in which he or she is enrolled, the name of the class head, and the telephone number of the parents of the student.

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Information Produced by the Information System

The new system will provide a smooth platform to monitor the attendance of the students in the morning when they will join the school. The new system will help in providing the information about the late arrival of the students at school in an effective way. The system will provide the information about the students who are missing in the class and their existence will be monitored through the information obtained from the Electronic ID Cards which they will scratch each time in the card reader machine. The new system will also help in generation of the absence reports of the students which will be notified to concerned coordinators of the classes. The new system will be able to send the notices or messages to parents about the absence of their children and it will also help in notifying the parents about unexplained absences of the children.

Social and Ethical Issues

There are many social and ethical issues which are associated with the new system and they are discussed in detail in this section. The reason of the emergence of the new system is the time being consumed by the current implemented system. The new system will be highly effective and will not be time consuming. The system will also be highly secure in monitoring the attendance of the students. There will be less burden of attendance on class teacher and a sort of central database will exist which will help in monitoring the attendance centrally. There will be a plus point that the system will help in reducing the element of undue justification of the students by the teachers. After implementation of electronic ID card system the privacy will also be maintained. The data will be authentic and there will not be any doubt about the data of a particular candidate. The newly developed system will be highly reliable, accurate and fast. The database administrator and the network engineer will be responsible in order to measure the whole electronic ID card system. It will help the senior executives to take initiatives or decisions after analyzing the facts about attendance of the students. At the end students will be accountable for their leaves and other such activities related to their class attendance.



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