Free Custom «Personality» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Personality» Essay Paper

The term personality refers to an organized and dynamic set of characteristics possessed by an individual, as regards the patterns of thinking, acting and feeling towards things, which uniquely control a person’s motivations, mental processes and conduct in different circumstances. Generally, personality is a term used to refer to personality traits and psychology.

Personality tests or quizzes are normally a series of questions, usually multiple choices posed with the sole intention of revealing something about the individual who answers them. Through the answers provided by a person, it is possible to depict specific aspects of a person’s thoughts, feelings and character. Personally, I undertook the–understand yourself, on my life goals and are you a decider tests provided by the personality website. However, despite the fact that personality tests base their answers on expert opinions and scientific findings, I am of the opinion that the feedback is in terms of personality generalizations and will therefore be accurate in most cases for every individual who takes the test, in that an individual gets a general view of their personality from the results. (O'Hagan, 2004)

If one was to consider the opinion of others regarding their own personality, the highest possibility is that you will get contrasting views about yourself from them. Even though, it is common practice to ask others about their views and opinions regarding our character, no one knows you better than you do. Therefore, through the help of modern technology, a person can take a personality test in a bid to discover his or her own personality. All personality quizzes argue that getting to know your personality well, through the personality tests is the key to a successful and happy fulfilling life and to some extent, I concur with this statement. Hence, it is normal to think and ask oneself the question: What is my personality really? The feedback will at least tell you what your personality is or else give your a partial view or detailed insight as to whom you really. Therefore, in my opinion, I think personality quizzes are a valid way of evaluating one’s personality. Furthermore, an individual supplies the answers, as long as they are honest answers, while the results are just a summary of the answers one provides. Consequently, that is likely to be your character. (Tennen, 2009)

Social Cognitive and Social Learning theories agree and tend to expand on the conditioning principles of human beings personality.For Social Learning it emphasizes in particular the influence of learning conditioned through social rewards and punishments, which also includes sensational reinforcements and behaviour moulding. While on the other hand, Social Cognitive theories tend to build on behavioural theories and illustrate how an individual’s mental processes influence their behaviour and how these behavioural links influence these mental processes.Cognitive theories allow the learning process to be modified by cognition–the mental process of knowing, which includes aspects like awareness, judgement, perception and reasoning. Revealing that, personality is a learned and inborn characteristic, portraying the direct connection between behaviour and learning throughout one’s life. Indeed, behaviour is learned and repeated in due course because of the consideration, motivation and retention attributed to it. (Charles Carver, 2007)

Social learning theories attempt to assess behaviourism among individuals. These theories argue that, most of the things that emphasize our conduct are more related to our psychological needs than they are to our physical needs.Hence, social rein forcers like praise, approval and hugs are very significant in influencing individuals to keep on performing a particular action. In this light, individuals tend to praise themselves good behaviour conduct and blame themselves for their bad actions. Implying that, personality is both conscious and unconscious of the surrounding and factors that affect it. (Robert Frager, 2010)

Both internal and external factors influence our personality largely. Through positive or negative self-perception, an individual influences their persona internally, while social encouragement and approval of behaviour influences our personality externally.



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