Free Custom «Leadership» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Leadership» Essay Paper

Leadership is the art of getting things done by someone through people. An effective leader [is the one gets the things done in an effective manner. The traits of an effective leader include inspiring through displaying confidence in what he/she does thus inspiring others to reach for high levels, broad minded to seek out diversity, forward looking so the he can be able to envision what he wants to be done and how it can be done, courageous in order to persevere in the process of leadership regardless the associated challenges and he must be competent by basing his/her actions on moral principles (Bennis Warren).

The attributes that establishes the effective leaders include:

  1. Developers: the leaders should be able to teach, train and coach others who are less experienced and they should be able to learn new ideas themselves.
  2. Integrators: the effective leaders should coordinate all the activities in the organization through the provision of the future view and the ability to achieve it. They should be able to foster unity and realize problems that require their attention.
  3. Standard bearers: effective leaders should establish ethical frameworks within their organizations through the defense of the culture and climate that they want to permeate their organizations. Standard bearers create trust in other employees who in turn fulfills the organizations’ visions (Bennis Warren).

An effective leader should have the following skills (Tammemaqi Kate)

  1. Skills to foster accountability
  2. Skills to influence others
  3. Good communication skills
  4. Skills to build strong working relations
  5. Skills of establishing a high performing team

We know that a leader is effective through assessing his outcomes, evaluating his goals and checking the quality of his leadership. An example of great leaders is Nelson Mandela led the fight against South Africa's racial apartheid policies. The main shortcoming of Nelson Mandela is that he was a black African fighting against the whites but he managed to become the country's first black president and to play a leading role in the drive for peace even if he was imprisoned for 27 years. He was able to achieve this by being courageous (GREAT LEADERS).



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