Free Custom «Integrity» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Integrity» Essay Paper

Integrity is the notion of consistency of deeds, methods, values, principles, measures, outcomes and expectations. It is the truthfulness and honesty of one’s actions. Integrity therefore, refers to the state of being complete, intact, undivided, and unbroken. This is a contrast of a state that is fragmented, scattered, and incomplete. Integrity is actually the bond that clutches together other virtues of a man; it is the sign of an individual who has integrated all good principles successfully-his/her life is a unified whole. Integrity can therefore be regarded as the opposite of hypocrisy, in that it looks upon internal consistency as a desirable quality.

Living a life with integrity is a positive and awesome thing to do. It not only helps us in improving on every part of our lives, but it also compels us to bring into being the highest quality pieces of work; to Endeavour to be honest with others and ourselves all the time and the need to do our best for excellence in whatever that we partake. This personality is easily developed if we conscientiously seek ways to surround our life (personal, spiritually, professionally, etc.), with people and circumstances that are in accord with our dominant values and thoughts.

Ensuring integrity in the classroom entails active prevention of academic misconduct and the act of confronting circumstances where academic misconduct might have taken place. There are various ways of creating and maintaining a surrounding of integrity in the classroom: avoiding plagiarism, the representation of another person’s work as one’s own; following necessary protocols in doing research such as sticking on actions for the protection of individuals subjects of study; not retaliating against individuals who report claims of misconduct in academics; not falsifying credentials; not falsifying data, which varies from fabrication to deceitfully report selectively, including the purposeful exclusion of conflicting data with the aim to fix results.

Going by the schools policy is also a virtue of integrity. In addition to the conventional forms of dishonesty in academics, there are other examples of deeds that many students do not realize are breaches of integrity, for instance: colluding with others to cheat; submission of same copy of papers in different courses; unjustified collaboration on tasks that are meant to be done independently. Integrity in the classroom is valuable in various ways; it facilitates cultivation of analytical skills and critical and creative thinking, helps one live with a peace of mind, and employers have a preference of trustworthy professionals.

For instance, in a job interview, employers ask about how you would handle a given difficult situation. All they want to know is whether one has the integrity to do the job. Handling problems as they arise prevents them from resorting to unethical actions when they get in too deep. Working on improving study skills, formatting bibliographies and other works helps one to avoid unethical behavior in classroom.

In life, there is need to develop the traits that make up someone who lives with integrity. This can be accomplished by having the willingness to be steady in production of quality work, being straightforward with ourselves and other people and pushing for excellence even at times when we fall short. No one is perfect and we will always make mistakes, but don't give up if it isn't your finest work; don't give up if you weren't straightforward with yourself or other people;

Don't give up if your endeavor to have an excellent mind-set or being outstanding in any area was a bit off for a day or so. This is alright! Just keep in mind to keep pushing incessantly towards excellence, towards honesty and towards quality. One day and one stride at a time. It's a course of action and it will not come about overnight.



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