Free Essay Sample « Identity»

Free Essay Sample « Identity»

Identity is the element that makes something or more preferably a person, recognizable and definable. For an individual, identity comprises the precise personality of a person regarded as persisting entity. This is what distinguishes one person from the other. Identity is naturally inherent in an individual and mostly comprises how the person feels about themselves and what other people perceives them to be. In most cases, the people around an individual recognize them as a precise personality.

This is because an individual has records of accomplishment at work and school that define their every gesture, move or even joke and become predictable. Individuals may perceive themselves differently according to different situations and places. For instance, a teenager brought up in a very wealthy family may identify herself with wealth and even become very choosy when dealing with peers. The teenager will identify themselves with the class of teenagers who seem to come from wealthy families and would not associate with those who seem to be from poor families.

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On the other hand identity might extend from and individual or personal perspective to include any other entity such as a business, a certain religion, a particular place or a particular group of people. For instance, a business, which is in a very competitive environment, might want to have a particular identity in which consumers will recognize it. This may be in the form of a particular form of advertising, a peculiar product or a special symbol that is very different from that of its competitors. Moreover, different religions have different identities that differentiate them from others.

This may be in form of their worship, their design of structures of worship, the day that they set aside for worship and what they worship. Similarly, a particular group of people may also demonstrate a particular identity. They might behave in a particular way, eat certain kinds of food, live in certain places or even wear certain kinds of clothes. The people in such groups will always point their identity towards the group and in most cases, they will want to act and behave in the same way.


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