Free Custom «Enabling Objective» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Enabling Objective» Essay Paper

An objective can be defined as a certain result that is desirable to be attained, within a given time period. The main purpose of enabling the objective is to find out the key achievement results, preferred by an individual, a group or an enterprise in support of its mission and/or vision. Enabling objective may also assist to find out the foremost achievement results for a change project.

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Moreover, objective can be enabled in order to measure or evaluate achievements and to facilitate goal settig. In addition, by enabling objectives, it can facilitate a way to measure the progress of a project. After measuring the progress of a project, you can determine if your mission will successfully complete or there is any necessitated measures that have to be taken for your goal to accomplish (Hawking, 2001).

What are the key elements of an enabling objective?

According to Hawking 2001, there are four vital key elements for enabling objectives, which are the goal, how that goaal was accomplished, the method of evaluation and achievement date. To enlighten, the goal is the end result, or what is to be accomplished. How the goal was accomplished are the procedures that define what have to be done in order to attain that goal.

Evaluation establishes whether or not the goal will be obtained or what steps forward have being made toward goal achievement. Each an every objective has achievement date; this is specific spot in time when the goal will be ready for evaluation.


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