Free Custom «Early Childhood Education Career Profile» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Early Childhood Education Career Profile» Essay Paper

Child advocacy is an extensive term referring to a wide range of individuals, professionals and organizations seeking to promote the optimal development of children. Individual child advocates work professionally such as lawyers and social workers or amateur activists who may be highly experienced in this area. This usually entails protecting the wellbeing and rights of children, ensuring they are met and not abused.

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Child advocates represent the rights and give voice to children whose interests and concerns are overlooked and not heard. They seek to ensure that all children have access to beneficial and positive influences as they develop and re provided with beneficial services in education, childcare and proper parenting. There exist special advocacy groups for more specific cases such as children living with HIV and Aids, children with dysfunctional diseases and orphans. Children advocates at the policy level aim at appropriately changing policies to ensure children rights are addressed.

We all have a responsibility to advocate on their behalf though having formal training in children rights and related laws and policies- at national as well as global levels. Important fields in the training for this career include criminal justice, psychology, child development and child care. <

Opportunities for career advancement are limitless as they keep growing and branching into other avenues with social changes and technological advancement. These include child protective service, law enforcement, department of prosecution, department of family services, foster parenting, management of orphanage and children shelters, child health care services among others. Many state agencies and some private organizations do provide some form of child advocacy services.

Children are vulnerable in nature and we should at all times make them feel protected. Providing care with love and understanding makes life for them better and enjoyable.


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