Free Custom «Discrimination» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Discrimination» Essay Paper


Discrimination has become a dreaded word. However, there are different contextual meanings to this word. Discrimination has been the reason for major political and cultural changes in our world. It may also refer to one’s ability to view detailed distinctions and identify the differences between objects, subjects, concepts and patterns. It can also refer to prejudicial treatment of a person based on their culture, race, and religion among others. Discrimination therefore refers to the real behavior someone or a group of people have towards another group. It includes isolating or restricting one group from enjoying or using opportunities that exist to other groups. Women in the present age are under pressure to carry on with their commitments despite the threat and discrimination they undergo in their work place. The various types of discriminations are based on gender, race, country, language and religion. 

Topic sentence for Para 1:

- Gender based sexual discrimination is prevalent in many Muslim countries.

Topic sentence for Para 2:

- Women, mostly feel the pinch in many societies as they are discriminated against men who are physically stronger than women. 


- The United States equal employment opportunity commission refers to the federal agency in charge of enforcing laws that are against job discrimination. According to U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, enforces provisions of the VII of the civil rights Acts of 1964. Therefore, through this commission, many women have a chance to work freely and get promotions to any position as per their achievements. With the given information we learn that women struggle a lot to oppose job discrimination. They also put up a brave face to tackle it through the laws enacted by the U.S legislature.



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