Free Custom «Definition of Success» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Definition of Success» Essay Paper

The word success originates from Latin successus, from the verb succedere meaning come close after'. The oxford English dictionary describes success in terms of accomplishment of various plans or purpose, the achievement of fame, economic wealth, as well as, social status. Success, outside the context of business, has differing meanings. It may be the accomplishment of a purpose, the opposite of failure. The good or bad outcome of an undertaking, an individual, or at the same time a thing, that attain some fame as well as achieving desired aims.

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When someone has set a goal in mind, there is always a desired outcome that is presupposed. If the desired outcome is attained, this is viewed as success. For instance, if an individual decides that he should have a new bicycle, and by the end of the month gets it, he will be successful. At the end of academic years in most schools, there are always results of an exam or some form of assessment done by schools. Those who triumph in these assessments are successful. In this case, success is viewed as the opposite of failure.

Pharmaceutical companies are always coming up with new medication for diseases. They may, for instance, come up with a new pain medication, which will then be tested. Positive or negative outcome may be viewed as the good or ill success of their medication.
Success can also be referred to a thing or individual, who has made a highly perceptible achievement. An athlete who has won numerous medals may be regarded as a success. A company whose products are used by scores of people everywhere is also a success.
Success, whatever the context in which it is viewed, is by and large the attainment or achievement of a desired or positive outcome, depending on the field.


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