Free Custom «Definition of Some Terms» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Definition of Some Terms» Essay Paper

The definition of personal learning describes the process as providing the learner with a favorable environment so that they can control and manage aspects of their own learning process; as such, the learner is given the support to set their own learning goals by controlling both their process and content of the experience. Personal learning integrates both the formal and the informal learning approaches.

The term individual learning on the other hand has several meanings. It can be defined as the process by which the human brain transforms the sensory stimulation according to some brain rule. Some people define it as the capability to build knowledge in the course of individual reflection about external stimuli and sources, and the individual re-elaboration of personal knowledge and skill in the light of their interactions. it can also be defined as the process whereby knowledge is formed through the conversion of information.

Individual learning is not only dependant on one’s experience but also others knowledge. Individual learning can occur naturally through the internal mechanism of the brain, person’s interactions and experiences with the surroundings and individual change made by that person. When individual learning occurs the individual uses all the information he already has and integrate it with what he is experiencing that moment and forms new knowledge. Hence knowledge is the interaction between what is already known and what is yet to known to come up with a new form. Learning occurs when experiences produces a modification in persons knowledge or behavior.

Self-inquiry is a meditation technique designed to bring about self-realization, self-examination, self-reflection, or looking within, self-inquiry is the major method through which self-awareness, which is a nature beyond body, and mind is realized. Subject matter inquiry is a meditation technique designed to bring about awareness on a particular aspect of personal development. This involves an individual taking sometime to reflect on a particular aspect of his development. It involves taking the subject of development with a view of analyzing the various aspects, which could be explored to bring about development (Goldstein and Mark, 1976).

Experimental inquiry is a meditation technique where one takes into account various aspects of a personal development matter and analyzing it with a view of finding out the best aspect out of the possible. The various aspects taken into account are then taken into real life situations to find out their applicability.

An inquiry group brings collectively persons concerned in a particular subject. The goal is to more fully employ individuals in the intellectual life during learning process. Some groups involve applied research whilst others center on academic discussions and writing. A group may be qualitative, quantitative, systematic, or rational in nature or some blend. An inquiry group should meet frequently and ought to finally lead to intellectual products.

Reflections means thinking deeply, building on what you know and believe, reconstruction of that learning to build new knowledge. In a study group, part of a class, part of a group of student or Community Meditation involves considering a particular matter. A person takes some times to meditate on an issue and that brings out his reflections to be meditated by the whole group. This is done in order to come up with the best aspect of development, which can be embraced by all the members of the group. All the members as the best should accept this particular aspect for themselves (Liber, 2000).

As a part of a group building support can be achieved by ensuring equity within the group. Aspects, which can bring inequality in a group, should be addressed. Meetings should be held regularly, increasing team learning and collaborative researches activities within a group. Members of a group should be given equal opportunities I various activities of the group, this gives support to the weaker members in the group.

Building a team can be made by a variety of practices. This can range from simple exercises to complex activities. Team building activity should be organized to help develop a team, theoretical and practical activities should be involved. These activities can be helpful in improving communication, making the group enjoyable, giving motivation to the team, getting to know each other , enhancing equality, teaching team cooperation, helping in self exploration, knowing strengths and weaknesses and practicing cooperation. Team building exercises may include kids’ games and complex activities to help achieve a particular goal; others are games, which may include ropes, courses even some hours, For example communicative exercise, problem solving and decision-making, planning and adaptive tasks, trust exercise and many others.

A group should focus on its goals and objectives, majoring on the groups major tasks should be its core focus this ensures the success of the group as well as fulfilling their purpose. Each member of the group should be concerned with getting the most from the other members of the group. During the lesson, the learners should take their time to learn and concentrate fully on their work. This helps in the whole learning process and fulfillment of goals and objectives.



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