Free Custom «Definition Essay» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Definition Essay» Essay Paper

Personal Description

I have always wanted to have a better reason as to why I should wake up every morning. In all my life, I have been eager to be part of a reputable firm, a firm that is able to achieve most of its set foals with the least efforts possible and cost effectively. This is the reason that I am taking this opportunity to send to you this essay that has a clear description of me and the reasons as to why I think that given the opportunity I can be able to hold your set standards to the maximum. Since my tender age, my dream has been to become a resourceful person in the society, a person who is able to appreciate for the good that has been done to him and be able to give back to the same society not generally in a big way but to ensure that at least I touch people’s hearts everyday of my life with what I do.

Born in a family where virtues are the foundations of our life, my parents together with my general family members have always ensured that we are mould and brought in a respectful and disciplined manner. I remember the many times I had to be called in by my grandparents to guide me on how to become a respectful member of our conservative community. Leadership is one of the things that are considered a natural phenomenon in my community. The community I have lived in most of my lifetime is very industrious and lively, this therefore meant that each family member was assigned chores from a very young age and was expected to do them to perfection. It is surprising how this has shaped my life. I have become used to doing what has been assigned to me with no supervision and using the least time possible. This was my trend n my high school days and I was assigned different leadership roles in a number of departments in my reputable institution.

I have received a number of awards from the various participations I have been involved in.  Apart from my leadership qualities, I am good in communication both spoken and written. In addition to this, am very efficient in computers which have currently played a very big role in our world today. I believe with this knowledge I posses regarding the computers, I can be able to come up more efficient and cost effective programs that will prove viable to the organization.  My objectives are aspiring to work in conjunction with the members of the organization with the main goal of achieving the set goals. I also intend to promote and cultivate the long goodwill off the institution which has made it to stand and enjoy the position it’s currently enjoying.  I am a self motivated, ambitious, responsible and a team player. I believe and respect individual differences and being driven by the adage that a man is not an island, I believe that it is through team work that the goals of an institution can be achieved. My numerous abilities include working under pressure, with minimal or no supervision at all and ensuring that I achieve the goals that have been set within the least possible time.

From the various positions I held, I have become very conversant with how to deal with a vast range of people no matter their age or background and to manage resources adequately. I do believe that my dynamic nature in leadership, discipline and motivation especially the intrinsic motivation gives me the strength to carry on and face each day. Given the opportunity I intend to put into practice the knowledge I have gained in school and the skills I have achieved through the various positions of leadership that I have held to yield the best and excellent results for the firm am working with.



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