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Database Administration

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This paper gives the definition of database administration and the importance of analyzing business’ system information before database development. It further highlights factors to consider when analyzing business system information. Data bases administration is function of managing the physical aspects of the data resource, physical database design with intensions of implementing the conceptual data model and database integrity, performance, and security.

Importance of analyzing a business' system information.

Analyzing Business Information Systems provides a comprehensive object-oriented domain analysi of business information systems. Also, it develops generic object-oriented platforms for business data processing and management information systems; business processes and group work support systems (office automation systems); and business support systems. Furthermore, it identifies a wide range of basic business object classes and sub-classes. This provides to business systems analysts, designers and programmers with a solid, object-oriented framework within which to work (Wang S. 1999).

Factors to consider when analyzing business system information

There are many factors are to be considered when analyzing business’ sysstem information. First, market share and speed to market has to be considered. Market share is the percentage of sales that a product has in relation to total market. Information system can help bring new product in less time thereby speeding marketing of the product. Also, total costs of ownership can be considered. This is the sum of all cost over the life of business information system including cost to acquire technology. In addition to this, growth of business and customer awareness and satisfaction obtained can be considered. Others include factors like infrastructure, data accuracy, system reliability, profitability productivity (Ralph M and George R. 2008).

Buy custom Database Administration essay paper cheap

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