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Cultural Change

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The term culture is used to mean a group of people who have a common identity which is based on things such as the common attributes, the attitudes, and the practices. Culture also include; the language, different ways of thinking, lifestyles, the institutions, laws and rules, the etiquette, the sexual practices, the material objects. The interaction between two groups which differ culturally results to cultural change and hence the issue of intercultural.

According to (Knott Et al. 2008) intercultural results into cultural change which has become important in the modern world because more people migrate from one country to another in order to escape from the conflicts, the persecution, poverty, or the reunion with there families. The issue of Intercultura is sometimes problematic, this is because racism is widespread and in some cases, the hosts and migrants compete for limitedly available resources or the employment opportunities. However intercultural has some other benefits, which include cultural enrichment and the creativity.

The cultural change in most parts of the world has left legacies that continually influence the social, economic and political spheres. One such legacy is globalization. Cultural diversity and globalization interchangeably influence each other. At one point cultural diversity is seen as the source of globalization. In some other cases, the economic globalization exerts pressure on the cultural norms resulting into cultural change. Throughout the world, globalization is viewed as a reepresentation of the replacement to the traditional cultures (Carroll, 1990).

The legacy of globalization has been known to allow a rapid means of spreading the best cultures; globalization has led to the advancement of modern technologies which increases the means of communication. This fosters cultural diversity since different ethnic groups are kept in touch through advanced communication technologies such as the internet.

The United States is an example of the where cultural change, diversity and globalization compliment each other. The traditional culture was replaced by a diversified culture which is a mix of different ethnic groups that immigrated to the United States. This resulted into a cultural diversity that accelerated globalization.

Buy custom Cultural Change essay paper cheap

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