Free Custom «Crime» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Crime» Essay Paper

There is a major difference between Deviance and crime. Deviance is all about breaking norms and causing negative reaction from other people. Norms are normally established by the societies. They are used just like laws in modern establishment. Crime on the other hand is the deviance that ruptures law. Most businesses opt for motivational law in the working environment (Sheley 67). This gives the workers advices and this plays a big role in preventing crime at initial stage than dealing with the crime once it has occurred.

As much as the company may hire security guards, it is not easy to employ enough to guard every one. Self discipline therefore becomes an important aspect for the employees. There have been efforts to minimize constraint law as this violates the right of a human being. This has however never been a success. This is because there are some cases where a criminal becomes dangerous when allowed to mingle freely in the society. Subcultural theory compasses of interests, values and different norms.

The extent to which criminal behaviors blend with subcultures in most cases varies so much. There are some subcultures which tend to support some criminal behaviors. There are criminals who call themselves professional criminals. They tend to organize themselves before they conduct a crime case. For instance, they can decide to open a pyramid firm before they start the whole process of fraud. This is basically done to avoid the authorities from detecting their activities so fast.

In some cases, the deviant group of people in the society may be legal but in most cases, their behaviors always result to criminal activities. The behaviors of most people are normally influenced by agents of social control. In most cases these behaviors are normally common in teenagers and the best way to minimize this is though giving a child a right foundation right from childhood.


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