Free Custom «Creativity» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Creativity» Essay Paper

Creativity is the power to come up with new and original designs, (Sternberg et al., 2004). This designs can be aimed at solving a problem or even develop an already existing idea, (Sternberg et al., 2004). As great thinkers like Graham Wallas noted, creativity calls for the exploitation of the brain’s ability to think. The originality of the designs are characterized by the uniqueness they posses from other designs. It involves new ways of going about of activities and unique mental techniques. Creativity is possessed by all people. Creativity does not involve intelligence in any way. A person’s brain power does not determine how creative they can become. Creativity does not involve coming up with correct answers. It involves coming up with unusual answers. It is noted also that creativity is not hereditary. A person’s gene does not carry the power of creativity. According to Sternberg et al., (2004), creativity is determined by the environment that a person resides. The type of childhood that a person has can affect his or her creativity.

Among the factors that lead to creativity is the ability to set borders around your range of ability tools. The higher defined and specific your tools are, the higher the levels of creativity. Specific tools boost the quality of the output. They enable a person to maximally utilize them in all ways. Wide ranges of tools call for wide area of creativity and by the end of the activity, many area are visited but very little is done. The idea of having and following a routine is not so bad. Routines are meant to create a healthy creative activity. At times it calls for ignorance of the routine to blend in some new ideas. The routines also gives a range that the mid can think within.

Creativity is also boosted by a person’s commitment to an already defined plan. The feedback that a person receives in the activity should not change the plan in any way. The advice that is presented should be in favor of the plan but not in contribution to changing the direction. A person should learn to believe in the self since at times this advice can kill your inner creativity potential. A Person should also drift his/ her thoughts from the thoughts of what might turn out to be the outcome. Feedback is encouraged at the end of the whole activity. However, feedback meant to criticize the activity should be ignored. This is however to be expected since new ideas always face resistance. They are seeing as threats to the existing ideas.

Ronald Wilson Regan, one of the most celebrated presidents of the US, is identified as a man who applied his highest level of creativity. As early as when he was in high school, Reagan had already started showcasing his multitalented character whose contribution to the advancement of American nation people can never be taken for granted. In 1937 he won a contract in Hollywood after a successful screen test and eventually acted in over 52 masterful films. Reagan was dedicated to whatever activity he participated. He, as (Hubler, 1965) will put it, ‘played many suave screen villains and played them so smoothly that a lot of people could not believe that a person alive could’. He rose to become a key figure in the film industry and ultimately got all the fame and adoration that comes with such honor. Unlike many film stars, Reagan never got drank by the fame and instead, took advantage of the situation to help the American people. His career, as says (Kenneth, 1997), prepared him for the biggest role of his life—the president of the United States of America.

Reagan’s creativity was noted in the wake of 1980s when America was trouble-laden due to inflation, the confinement of Americans in Iran, failed health policy, insecurity just to mention but a few. America needed a punctual and creative survivor. Only one man could do it: Ronald Reagan. He won the Republican Presidential nomination in 1980 and subsequently triumphed over Jimmy Carter after garnering over 487 electoral votes. He was barely 70 days old in office when he faced the greatest test of his life: an attempted assassination. Being the hero that he was (and still is in me) Reagan recovered and returned to work. A coward, you will agree, would have taken the obvious decision: to quit. His diligence and power of mind after this encounter greatly amazed the American people and undoubtedly, the generations that have followed.

With his rare skills of creativity, Ronald Reagan was able to deal with congress and brought forth economic growth, increased meaningful employment, enhanced national cohesion and above all instilled the spirit in the American people that they could (and still can) achieve their dreams without solely relying on government. His good leadership and honesty rejuvenated the American spirit of hard work that won him yet another term. His exceptional political leadership scared his Democratic challengers. His leadership was mindful of the low income Americans in the manner in which taxes were exempted by the overhaul of the taxation code.

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Reagan was a man of limited breadth and skill who, unarguably, was the most effective president and leader of postwar, United States of America, (Reeves, 2005). He remains an all time hero and an oasis of inspiration to many Americans both living and to be born. His heroic achievements are the foundation of America and his importance, in this regard, can never be overemphasized.



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