Free Custom «Conceptualizations of Ethnic Diversity» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Conceptualizations of Ethnic Diversity» Essay Paper

Melting pot is a term used to describe people of different ethnic societies coming together and living as one community (James, 1968). The phrase de scribes Americans of color in the early seventies and their assimilation to the rest of the citizens. At first, the method was more inclined to helping the whites, but it now assists even the black Americans. A great population of America includes people of color and those with disabilities. Because of intermarriages and various sports, melting pot brings about togetherness among Americans regardless of their color or country of origin. It was a significant move by the government to create unity and togetherness in the American society (Hollinger, 2003).

Salad bowl is all about integrating the various cultures in America and as the name suggests, combine them like a salad (Hollinger, 2003). Because of assimilation, according to the Salad Bowl, one can still maintain his/her culture despite being an American that makes it more acceptable. These describe the modern America well as many communities with different cultures live together with equal opportunities. This also applies to the disabled people who get to enjoy opportunities at equal proportions with the rest of the citizens.

Kaleidoscope started in the late 1870’s. The initial meaning kaleidoscope was a circle of mirrors used to view colorful patterns (Brewster, 1858). This is a description of how America came to accept cultural diversity and live comfortably with it. This mostly applies to the recent America where cultural differences act as a unifier among citizens, and the country is now ripping the fruits of diversity. This portrays America positively in the modern world as all its citizens despite the race are all working together for a better America.

The Americans with disabilities act passed to become a law in 1990. The act contains civil rights of Americans depending on the nature of their disability (O’Brien, 2004). It protects the disabled Americans against any form of discrimination. The act was a significant move to ensure equality among all citizens.


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