Free Custom «Biographical Sketch» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Biographical Sketch» Essay Paper

There are various forms of literary nonfiction which include: biographical sketch, personal reflection, and personal opinion, sense of place, personal experience and slice of history. A biographical sketch is a brief summary of someone else’s professional accomplishment, publications, an abbreviated curriculum vitae highlighting important aspects of someone’s training, experience, and some areas of interest. Biographical sketch may also mean an account of the life and activities of and individual or family (Min3ot,5).

Biographical sketch tells more about the person. It outlines details about the age in which he lived and hence provides a better background for comparing between the present and past ages. Biographical sketch also contains details about the hobbies, interest, friends and influences of a person in the life and about some accomplishment in life. Since it provides valuable information about the person, it teaches some good deeds to the people. It makes it clear to the readers about the famous principles of the great people and tries to guide them to that path.

Biographical sketch may also be referred to as a professional profile; it is a brief narrative that presents a person in the best way possible to the employers, clients or general public. It is very essential when one is joining the job market or otherwise addressing audiences as an expert in certain fields. It summarizes what one is, what are the most important things in one’s life and how one adds value to the people around (Lee,1).

When writing a biographical sketch, it is important to go through information carefully and pick out only the information that is very important and relevant while at the same time discarding irrelevant information. Its important to determine the questions that biographical sketch should answer. To achieve this, one should target what audiences want to know concerning the person. For instance, what were some of the essential events that shaped the person and how much the person influenced others. The incline of the biographical sketch will depend on the target of the audiences. A biographical sketch of a famous musician might focus more on influences and important life events but a biographical sketch of a business website may details how experience and records might help customers. The questions about the person should be written on a piece paper. They should act as guideline during the writing of biographical sketch.

Research should be done about the person to answer the questions that were written about the person. Others biographers’ materials, primary sources and friends’ and family accounts may also be useful as well. It is important to write down some divergences and negations so as to include them later in biographical sketch to show there are some differing opinions on some points. It’s very crucial to research country and time period the person lived so as to provide a context to his life and actions. For instance an author may have been influenced by world war. It is important to keep reference materials, such as maps and history materials in order to provide quick reference.

After accomplishing the research, information should be well organized. It is necessary to keep in mind what audiences expect and what is important to them. Irrelevant and less important information should be discarded. What to retain and what to discard should be determined by the questions one wrote at the beginning. Basic information should be used, for instance, birth date, place of birth and when the person died. This is done to provide a good structure for the biographical sketch. If one is writing a historical biographical sketch, omitting of information should be avoided even if it seems contentious. It should be written chronologically. This will reflects a good representation of person’s life and hence providing apposite information to the readers.

In order to persuade the readers to read through the biographical sketch, it is important to start of with an interesting story. This story should be relevant to the information to be outlined in the biographical sketch. It may also help to highlight or give a framework of the following information. For instance, biographical sketch about Isaac Newton may start with a story about a fruit falling from top of a tree to his head. This gave him a notion to come up with discovery about the law of gravity.

The body of the biographical sketch should be detailed with the most important facts about the person’s life in chronological order. Biographical sketch should not be long; it should be at least three paragraphs and at most three pages. The writing should be in third person. One should not get out of the topic or what is required by the readers. It should be interesting throughout to keep the reader glued to it.

After one is through with the writing of the biographical sketch, it is important to go through it. This will ensure the information one needed to pass to the audiences is all recorded. The final paragraph will summarize the main points and re-state the main claim about the subject. It should spell out the main points; rename the person one is writing about.

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Sometimes when writing a biographical sketch, it is important to avoid the negative side of person. One negative side of an individual might negate all the positive deeds mentioned earlier in the biography. When writing nonfictional story it is important to use biographical sketch since it assist in relating the present and past events of an individual. Authors should use it effectively to ensure that readers will visualize a story as if they themselves were there.



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