Free Custom «Bilingualism» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Bilingualism» Essay Paper

Bilingualism is a term that refers to the presence of two languages of instruction in a given setting. Students may be native speakers of the majority language or sometimes the minority language. Bilingualism in education will therefore seek to elaborate the presence of two languages of instruction in one setting. Below are selected sites that clearly explain the whole idea of bilingualism in education and politics.

It is said that at the beginning of the twenty-first century, proficiency in one particular language was is not satisfactorily enough for success in education, economics and society. It is said that in the late 1800s, there rose nativism that was accompanied by the large wave of new immigrants. As the World War I began, a movement that was popularly known as the language restrictions movement gained power and schools were given the responsibility of replacing immigrant languages as well as cultures with those of the United States.

Any individual who speaks more than one language has an advantage in today’s world. The immigrants to the U.S never thought they would still go school without learning a second language. They were surprised to find the Hispanic language being used in instruction. All the same we should all know that the ultimate goal of bilingual education is to teach English language.

People have always said that President Barrack Obama was favored significantly during his campaigns because he supported bilingualism in the U.S. most Americans are not bilingual. They therefore didn’t expect to find a candidate who could speak more than one language. The site clearly explains several other reasons as to the status of bilingualism in the U.S.

Many areas in the U.S are becoming bilingual. This is due to the fact that there is a constant influx of immigrants and the growth of the Hispanic population. Today, various government agencies, public utilities, elected officials as well as those who want to be elected are now publishing bilingual information in documents as well as websites.



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