Free Custom «Application Sharing » Essay Paper

Free Custom «Application Sharing » Essay Paper


Application sharing as the term denotes simply means “sharing of applications”, that is, the application or document can be shared or used by different people at the same time .The sharing of the application is usually done from the host computer where the host user provides information to the other users. Application sharing is also the same as collaborative software in that individuals work together on the same task not physically, but across a network connection. Some of the ways through which information can be shared include through e-mail, faxing, voicemail, web publishing, synchronous and asynchronous conferencing, revision control, face book and adobe-flash player. Networks allow users share information through sharing individual files, sharing communication messaging applications by users exchanging messages with each other through e-mails, sharing online meetings and also holding conferences over the network.

Some sharing resources used in networking include printers and hard drives. Many businesses work together through networking to perform one business application. The businesses premises may be very far apart but due to networking end up accomplishing a common task. An example of such a business is the accounting department where accounting software is installed into the computers enabling several computers to perform the same task at the same time. The network computer that contains the hard drives, printers and other resources that are shared with other computer networks are shared with other computer networks is called a server. Due to the wide scope of application sharing applications, Adobe flash player has been discussed exhaustively though this does not mean that it is the only application sharing equipment.


Application sharing is defined as two or more users can access information at the same time by the use of collaboration software through application sharing. The host user provides the content to other users elsewhere.

There are terms that are related and work hand in hand with application sharing and they are: collaborative with software, remote assistance, software remote access, open exchange and groupware.

Collaborative software is also called groupware, and it supports the systems. This is software which has been designed to assist many people working on one task from different places to achieve one goal. The work is done by the computers being connected together across a network connection and not necessarily by all the people coming together physically. Software systems found in collaborative software include the following; email, calendaring, text chat, bookmarking and wiki.

Social software is used in those systems that are used outside the work place and include online dating services and other social networks such as friendster, facebook and twitter.Facebook is a social networking network that for now has more than six hundred million active users. It was founded by Mark Zucherberg with his college roommates and other computer science students. Users of the facebook can create their own personal profiles; add friends and exchange messages through facebook.users may also join common interest groups organized by workplace, school or college mates.

In January 2009, a study ranked facebook as the most used social network by worldwide monthly active users. According to social media today, as of April 2010, it was estimated that 41.6% of us population has an account for facebook.users can create profiles with photos, a list of personal interests, contact information and other personal information. Those registered in facebook can also communicate with friends and other users through private or public messages and a chat feature and can also create and join interest groups and other pages like the fan page. (Hochheiser, 2009)

E-professionals are created by the use of collaborative software, in that individuals working together on the same project irrespective of their geographical locations. One of the meanings of remote access is applied in communication whereby a data processing facility from a remote location or facility passes through a data link. An open-exchange server helps in developing of the collaboration software. Email, calendaring, address book also aids in basic management and sharing of documents.

Groupware-it was developed in the 1980s.Richman and Slovac in 1987 , wrote “like an electronic sinew that binds teams together, the new groupware helps to place the computer squarely in the middle of communications among managers, technicians and anyone else who interacts in groups, revolutionizing the way they work “groupware has led to high productivity and use of less time to accomplish  bulks and bulks of work since workers of an office are able to work efficiently in groups wherever they are by use of a computer. They do not necessarily even have to be at the work place. Groupware can be divided into co-ordination, conferencing and communication.

Co-ordination is where different people work together towards a common goal, just like a sports team, everyone has to play well and adjust to the play for the common goal of winning the game for the team. Conferencing entails interactive work by individuals to achieve a shared goal. An example of conferencing is brainstorming. Communication is the interchange of information and is usually unstructured, that is it does not have a specific formula of doing it. An example of communication is a phone call to someone.   

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Adobe Flash Player is software which is used to view animations, songs from the internet and movies by using a computer or a laptop. One can install a program which enables to access such music for example one can use a web browser Flash Player. It is mostly used in application like a multimedia and player which is developed by Macromedia and distributed by Adobe Systems after acquiring it. Flash Player runs files which can be created by the Adobe Flash authoring tool, by Adobe Flex or by a number of other Macromedia and third party tools. Adobe Flash, is simply a multimedia program, which is written and distributed by Adobe, it uses raster graphics a native scripting language called Action Script and bidirectional streaming of video and audio. Adobe Flash is a machine used to run the Flash files. (Nyerges, 1995)

What can be done with settings?

Flash player is meant to provide many options to control content which will run in Flash Player. The Flash Player helps to protect some settings in control panel without interfering with the one which is specified in the websites. Flash player is used to give many rules to be used before using your camera or microphone, the storage settings can be used to check disk space so that it can prevent websites you have not visited.

Best way of getting to the Settings

These Settings are important part that controls the system which runs in the computer but it can be viewed from flash player website. Flash player does not have any settings that you may see in control panel and some private information in on your computer. You can change your settings, by clicking different panels and any option in the web page.

The private setting

Applications that run in Flash Player may want to access to the camera available on your computer. No one should be in a position to understand that a flash payer is personal or company setting which at any time they can change private policy. It is more advisable to know more about panel settings because. Video can be used in the application which can be formatted or created by  a person who has authority to do it. Adobe can ignore the idea of a third-party privacy policies or actions of third-party companies in taking audio or video on the computer. In any point if you are planning to specify the setting for all websites global privacy setting can be used and in the other side for individual settings you can use websites.

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Storage website settings

Flash Player can need some other information to be stored in the computer and it can lead to limited store of information in terms of capacities. Not unless you list down the space you need to keep your document. Applications from a particular website can be used to store information on the computer. It is the work of some individual who created the site to make it clear to the users so that the can access the information clear and at the same time they can safe.(Borghuis, 1998)

What are security settings?

Flash Player has some designed which does not need one to quit from using it you can either use or allow access in most situations. In many times SWF and FLV content have become more good in such a way they are offering users additional privacy and security protections. In most cases you may find the content that was created using older security rules and these are Flash Player that can a times asks you to make a decision: You can allow the content to work using the older security rules, or you can choose to introduce new but strict rules. It can assist many users to ensure that the part to view and to play can meet the new decent and good standard. The old version may at one point run in a new version of the player.

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The dialog box will first ask for the permission to install before allowing the older one to install. Incase the  users accesses information from a site outside its own domain, a dialog box alerts him that the skew or fly contents is using older security tools to access information. The latest version that does not allow content from the local SWF and FLV to communicate with the internet is flash player 8. The function of the global security settings panel is to specify if the flash player should ask for permission before allowing access through a dialog box. And also change your security setting.(Baranauskas, 2007)

Automatic notification settings

When you are updating adobe it will give you notification automatically to update your flash player and to install. Flash Player will help to ensure that Flash Player will work properly and will change the new settings. In most cases Adobe update the latest version when it is available, and Adobe will never be responsible for errors that will occur in the computer because the version you are using is not the latest.

How can I manually check for updates?

To check the version of the flash player one can use the flash home page the page runs a version test that helps to show the current installed version player while listing the latest available version that can be used as an alternative. The page also shows available security updates that can be used for the flash player.

What are protected content playback settings?

In the internet flash payer can be protected by providing licenses that is downloaded from the internet to the computer these licenses are automatically downloaded to the computer and at one point if one can choose to manage or deactivate you can use play back settings panel.

What are peer-assisted networking settings?

Computer can serve or can play a good in saving the websites for the video and audio. Sharing bandwidth will allow audio and video to play nicely with any pauses from buffering since peers can assist each other to provide better experience that is why it is called peer 

Installing. (Lowe, 2008)

Adobe updates Flash Player is now available in the market and you are being notified to install because settings manager sends you settings on how to install. Flash Player help to ensure that it works properly and there is changes on security because there is new product functionality. Flash player in most cases needs to be updated to the latest version in the market especially when there is need to be installed. One can install the updates, with the permission to install such software on your computer you need to log in as the user who has permission to install software.

Is Flash Player associated with pop-up ads that appear on my computer?

Flash Player is used to display the content where the advertisement features of Adobe products or services are available and it is done by third-parties.

What information is being sent to Adobe?

Flash Player does not send any information about your computer to Adobe or any third-parties during the auto-notification and update process. Flash Player is only requesting data from Adobe. The computer will only determine if it is the latest version; no information is transmitted. Flash Player will allow information about your computer's capabilities and the SWF or FLV content to save data in a specific location on your computer. Flash Player users the control over the privacy and storage settings for individual websites or all websites.

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Manual checking for the updates

You can manually check whether the installed Flash Player is the one which is the improved version and the one which is accessible to be used and simpler than simply visit home page. It shows the latest flash which is advisable or new in the market and it is fast to be used. We can install the latest version of Flash Player, by visiting the site that has installation option. This software is used to describe version of flash player that has some security required for the protection. At the same time you can also receive some notification from the email which shows you where to sign up for the security.


Application sharing was found in collaboration of software where by users can access shared information or data from their personal computers at the same time. Application Systems and Software Applications is an organization that uses information systems and software to track and organize information which is needed to compare the business of the company, and some advanced technology in the industry. (Gleeson, 2003)  There are several different departments within an organization that will use the same information gathered in different ways using information systems and software applications. For example, facebook and flash player is used with the software application and it has been grouped into remote control mode and view access.


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In remote control mode, data is shared in teams through online collaboration where by the users can alter and remotely manipulate the data. And in the other side view access it has been suggested that it is best suits as trained situation where the trainee can view movement and alteration and cannot initiate any adjustments or changes from the other end. Many companies hold meetings using such application because it allows some members to access the information because it make work easier and it saves time as compared to the old days where there were no advanced technology like for today’s system. Thus technology is the driving force towards the achievement of economic stability of a nation.



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