Free Custom «American Popular Culture» Essay Paper

Free Custom «American Popular Culture» Essay Paper

In order to understand clearly on the major trends of popular American culture and how this culture affects one’s personal decision, it is important that we understand what culture and popular culture are. Culture is defined as a natural development within an individual, from the time of birth to time when one adapts the behaviors portrayed by his community (Forbes, 2005). It is also described as the system where an individual is able to build his own identity. Popular culture also known as pop culture on the other hand, is defined as an entirety of thoughts, attitudes, images and other phenomena’s chosen by a majority of individuals in a given region. Unlike culture which is associated to tradition, popular culture prevails in today’s modern society.

It is very evidence that popular American culture has brought certain changes in its citizens. Media being one of the major sources of information, it is noted that it has a wide influence in the production and dissemination of this popular culture. According to Forbes (2005), the three major trends that are brought about by American popular culture are displayed on the social, political and religion of individuals. For instance, in politics American popular culture revolves around the democrats and the republicans who are known to decide on today’s economic plan.

This has created chaos within those individuals who believe in different views and beliefs as those of the democrats and republicans. Based on social trend, it is very evident that popular culture have influenced the America people eating, clothing and their way of thinking. The cultures have increased the trend towards consumerism whereby more people prefer eating in fast food restaurants other than their home.

When it comes to the issue of dressing, most Americans seem to imitate what celebrities are wearing. Designer’s labels such as Calvin Klein, Mark Spencer and Roca wear have become signs of pop cultural fashion. Curcio (2000) asserts that, ways of networking can also be categorized as a social trend. Social sites such as twitter, face book, hi5 and MySpace are part of American popular culture and they are widely used by the teens to communicate amongst themselves. Not only does religion portrays itself on churches, mosques, and temple but it is also being experienced in America as a popular culture.

It is very evident that popular culture has greatly influenced the shape of various institutional religions. American popular culture is seemingly taking the place of religion in the community. Many Americans are beginning to see popular culture as a form of religion whereby one does what he thinks is right. They believe that it is through popular culture that one is able to get enthusiastic on functional religion.

From the above discussion it is very obvious that American popular have created an impact on personal decision making being experienced by different individuals. For instance, patterns found in different pop culture such as magazines, films and photographs inspire individuals in having a different outlook of what is entailed in life (Williams, 2010). From these various pop culture, individuals are able to realize there is more to life which is being exhibited by this type of culture. It is important to note that popularity is being featured more widely today, therefore once decision is likely to be affected by the kind of position one holds and how popular he or she is in American.

According to Williams (2010), American popular culture being spread by the so called the ‘icons’, is chiefly the result of poor personal decisions by the young people. This is because the young are likely to do away with their national and regional cultures in the process of trying to adopt what is now called the pop culture. It is therefore very important that individuals try to adapt that which is positive and shun the negative impact of America pop culture.



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