Free Custom «A Scholar-Practitioner» Essay Paper

Free Custom «A Scholar-Practitioner» Essay Paper

The term Scholar-practitioner can be understood better if it can be broken down into constituent words, scholar and practitioner. According to Badke (2004), a scholar is someone who can be able to fix themselves into the world of academics. For one to become a scholar, they must show commitment to the progress of knowledge and skills of one’s self within an environment that is based in theories. Continual education is necessary for enhancing cognitive development, and this can be accomplished either in practice, in a learning institution or for mere enjoyment.

A practitioner is someone who can be able to lend themselves to the practice of the theory based models. For one to become a competent and successful practitioner, they must have an understanding on how the implementation, observation, criticism, and development of the theory based models, are done (Punch, 2005). It is the development of the theory based models that determines the growth of this discipline. Therefore a scholar-probationer is someone who employs the knowledge and skills which are derived from the scholarship to inform the actions and practices in the world. The knowledge and skills are acquired by conducting a research study.  

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According to Flippo & Caverly (2009), a research study is defined as a complete rigorous analysis on a particular area. This is considered very important in a number of fields, for instance a social change study can be of great significance in analyzing different social phenomena and their determinants. A research study on the negative effects of computer interactions with teenagers within the school environment is very useful because the research findings can help teachers, parents and students to realize the negative effects of interacting with computers in a daily basis.

Through this research study, teachers will become informed on how to control their students by limiting the time they spend online. Through this research study, the analytical and critical thinking of students under the same conditions can be enhanced. A researcher carrying out a qualitative research on social change is committed to reality testing because she gathers first hand data from its natural settings.


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