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The presence of good and evil in the world remain as one of the most challenging issues in the contemporary society. Thus, researchers and scholars, philosophers and scientists have tried to define evil in the world. In this regard, evil is a force or a spirit that cause people to commit wrong against one another. In other words, evil is perpetrated by evil spirits that move around the world and inhabit human beings who allow them to. Simply stated, evil is deliberately wronging against another person by violating the acceptable code of conduct in the society. More importantly, evil is not manifested on its own. On the contrary, there must be a medium that is used to perpetrate evil.

In line with this, my philosophy of evil is inclined toward the fact that the work of Satan is the sole cause of evil in this world. As such, people who allow Satan and his massagers to use them contribute to the increase of evil in the world. My philosophy is also inclined toward the fact that one can conquer evil by accepting to adhere to laws, rules and regulations that have been set by a deity in nature. In other words, having beliefs in a god would reduce the power of evil in the world. Essentially, every individual has potential to do both good and evil. These two forces fight against each other in human beings and the one that conquers is the one that is manifested outside.

In this regard, I hold these beliefs because of my religious background. As such, knowing that Satan is there to perpetrate evil, I also know that God is there to prevent evil and increase goodness in the world. I also believe that every society has a code of conduct that is guided by certain beliefs in a deity. In this respect, when these laws, regulations and rules are honored, evil is overcome.

Buy custom Evil essay paper cheap

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