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Conflict Diamonds

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Conflict diamonds refers to diamonds bought and sold to support prohibited and unauthorized acts of rebel, armed and terrorist groups. It happens mostly in central and western African countries where the society has been harmed, terrorized, and killed by groups in the run of the local diamond trade. Such countries include Angola, Sierra Leone, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ivory Coast, and Liberia. Conflict diamonds are also referred to as blood diamonds. The issue hit the world’s attention during the very cruel conflict in Sierra Leone in the late 1990s. Though this type of diamond comes from various parts of the world, it is believed to have had the greatest effect in the African conflicts.

It is evident that the campaign against conflict diamonds is growing since the worldwide diamond industry announced to the international community that it could not stand strategy towards conflict diamonds in July 2000. The industry showed its dedication in eliminating the conflict diamonds trade by working hand in hand with the United Nations, government, and non-governmental organizations like Global witness and Partnership Africa Canada to form the Kimberly Process Certification System. The system prevents conflict diamonds from entering the lawful diamond supply chain. The industry also adopted a charitable System of Warranties to guarantee customers that their diamonds are from conflict free sources.

The  revolts that exploit diamonds to attain their unlawful aims are the trouble but however much they have tried, the diamond industry continue to work with NGOs, UN and governments to strengthen  the Kimberly Process Certification System. The System has influenced the growth of the world’s conflict free diamond sources to rise. This is enough proof that the conflict diamond trade is consistently eliminated.

Buy custom Conflict Diamonds essay paper cheap

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