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A Photo

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A photo is a representation of a person or scene in form   of; image, graphic drawings and print or transparent slide recorded by a camera on light sensitive materials. Artists use photos to describe an event, identify a person, give directions such as goggle map photo, reveal certain phenomena’s and  give event  critic as shown on cartoon photos. Photos can also be used to market an event or occasion. 


Photo 1 is a clear description of an excitement. The person shown give gestures of an excited person. From photo one we can deduce that photos can sometimes be used to describe gestures. Photo 2 can be used to give direction and a clear location of a place. Photo three tells us more on the image identification of a person. Finally photo 4 gives as the description of an event as shown in the cycling scenario. Photos are therefore   true descriptive words put into image form.


Buy custom A Photo essay paper cheap

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