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A Photo essay

A photo is a representation of a person or scene in form   of; image, graphic drawings and print or transparent slide recorded by a camera on light sensitive materials. Artists use photos to describe an event, identify a person, give ...

A Scholar-Practitioner essay

The term Scholar-practitioner can be understood better if it can be broken down into constituent words, scholar and practitioner. According to Badke (2004), a scholar is someone who can be able to fix themselves into the world of academics. For one ...

Ageism and Elderly essay

America today boasts of being one of the most democratic countries in the world. As such, the country has numerous numbers of rights groups and organizations that can not be marched with any other country yet the problem that is discrimination ...

Albedo essay

In the context of astronomy, Albedo is defined as the amount of solar radiation that is reflected away from the surface, compared to the absorbed amount (Karttunen et al. 2007). Albedo is measured on a scale ranging from zero to one. The albedo ...

American Popular Culture essay

In order to understand clearly on the major trends of popular American culture and how this culture affects one’s personal decision, it is important that we understand what culture and popular culture are. Culture is defined as a natural ...

Application Sharing essay

Abstract Application sharing as the term denotes simply means “sharing of applications”, that is, the application or document can be shared or used by different people at the same time .The sharing of the application is usually done from ...

Audit essay

Introduction Carrying out of auditing is very essential for all companies and institutions because it ensures that all these institutions and companies are properly using the correct policies that are prescribed by the laws and that the public funds ...

Baby Boomers essay

Baby boomer is a name that was used to refer to the population of America after the year 1945 when the World War 2 ended. They are approximately 45 to 63 years of age. During this period, there was an increase in population and consequently an ...

Bilingualism essay

Bilingualism is a term that refers to the presence of two languages of instruction in a given setting. Students may be native speakers of the majority language or sometimes the minority language. Bilingualism in education will therefore seek to ...

Biographical Sketch essay

There are various forms of literary nonfiction which include: biographical sketch, personal reflection, and personal opinion, sense of place, personal experience and slice of history.  A biographical sketch is a brief summary of someone ...

Certification essay

What Certification is accreditation and certification? Certification is a process by which the Joint Commission’s Disease-Specific care Certification Program evaluates clinical programs and practices across all aspects of health care. ...

Charismatic Leadership essay

Introduction In today’s world, leadership is an extremely beneficial trait. People need leaders that will voice their problems and represent them in a way that these people cannot represent themselves. In the earlier days, people believed in ...

Civil Engineering essay

Civil Engineering profession is a discipline concerned with design, construction, and maintenance of building. According to Robinson (2007), civil engineering is defined by (Davis 1998) as the art of directing the great sources of power in Nature ...

Cohabitation essay

Over the past 50 years, cohabitation has increased significantly. It has become more popular that marriage and it lengthened the transitional period between casual dating, formal engagement, and the final step of marriage. Cohabitation refers to two ...

Compassion Fatigue essay

Introduction The term compassion fatigue refers to a medical state characterized by a gradual decrease of kindness over time from the professional health care workers; who mostly deal with trauma victims. It is a state of physical anguish, emotional ...

Conceptualizations of Ethnic Diversity essay

Melting pot is a term used to describe people of different ethnic societies coming together and living as one community (James, 1968). The phrase de scribes Americans of color in the early seventies and their assimilation to the rest of the ...

Conflict Diamonds essay

Conflict diamonds refers to diamonds bought and sold to support prohibited and unauthorized acts of rebel, armed and terrorist groups. It happens mostly in central and western African countries where the society has been harmed, terrorized, and ...

Consumption, Leisure, Globalization essay

Conspicuous consumption This is the act of using or purchasing certain goods and services to identify oneself to others as a person with much wealth and high social standing. It influences the purchasing decisions whereby a consumer decides to ...

Creativity essay

Creativity is the power to come up with new and original designs, (Sternberg et al., 2004). This designs can be aimed at solving a problem or even develop an already existing idea, (Sternberg et al., 2004). As great thinkers like Graham Wallas ...

Crime essay

There is a major difference between Deviance and crime. Deviance is all about breaking norms and causing negative reaction from other people. Norms are normally established by the societies. They are used just like laws in modern establishment. ...

Critical Thinking essay

Critical thinking is an intellectually disciplined process of conceptualizing analyzing evaluating and applying information in an active and skillful manner. This information may have been obtained from or generated through experience reasoning, ...

Cultural Change essay

The term culture is used to mean a group of people who have a common identity which is based on things such as the common attributes, the attitudes, and the practices. Culture also include; the language, different ways of thinking, lifestyles, the ...

Database Administration essay

This paper gives the definition of database administration and the importance of analyzing business’ system information before database development. It further highlights factors to consider when analyzing business system information. Data ...

Defining Public Relations essay

Introduction Although not true, Public Relations is referred to as a young or new profession and as such has received many different definitions. But PR has been deployed in different ways throughout the years. This essay will examine three ...

Defining Terrorism essay

Terrorism is definitely one of the most powerful and most emphasized words that depict an outstanding situation in present times. Since the September 11 attack on the WTC on the US soil and the consequent scenario as created by the US authority, ...

Definition Essay essay

Personal Description I have always wanted to have a better reason as to why I should wake up every morning. In all my life, I have been eager to be part of a reputable firm, a firm that is able to achieve most of its set foals with the least efforts ...

Definition of Some Terms essay

The definition of personal learning describes the process as providing the learner with a favorable environment so that they can control and manage aspects of their own learning process; as such, the learner is given the support to set their own ...

Definition of Success essay

Success is a word that can be defined differently by different people in different situations and at different times. The definition of success varies in our minds through our life’s experiences, dictionaries, and various interpretations by ...

Definition of Success essay

The word success originates from Latin successus, from the verb succedere meaning come close after'. The oxford English dictionary describes success in terms of accomplishment of various plans or purpose, the achievement of fame, economic wealth, ...

Definition of Work essay

Work can comfortably be defined by a dictionary in various ways including the activity in which a person exerts strength or faculties to perform something which involves a sustained mental or physical effort in overcoming obstacles, the task that ...

Determinism essay

Broadly speaking, determinism is the idea that all our actions are determined by forces which are beyond our authority. Causal determinism implies that the future is determined by the present and the past occurrences pooled with n the laws of ...

Diagnosis essay

Most of the English words used today have their historic developments. The word ‘diagnosis’ as used today in modern English originated from the Greek word diágn%u014Dsis which stood for ‘knowing apart.’ This was ...

Discrimination essay

Introduction Discrimination has become a dreaded word. However, there are different contextual meanings to this word. Discrimination has been the reason for major political and cultural changes in our world. It may also refer to one’s ability ...

Domestic Partners Benefits essay

Definition of Domestic Partners Benefits Domestic Partners Benefits refers to privileges that an employer voluntarily gives to his or her employee’s unmarried partner. T he benefits are extended to partners of the same or from opposite sex. ...

Early Childhood Education Career Profile essay

Child advocacy is an extensive term referring to a wide range of individuals, professionals and organizations seeking to promote the optimal development of children. Individual child advocates work professionally such as lawyers and social workers ...

Enabling Objective essay

An objective can be defined as a certain result that is desirable to be attained, within a given time period. The main purpose of enabling the objective is to find out the key achievement results, preferred by an individual, a group or an enterprise ...

Essays essay

Essentially, an essay is a collection of paragraphs just as sentences are a collection of words, and a paragraph a collection of sentences. This however is a Layman’s look at it. Generally, an essay is a long piece of writing that is divided ...

Evil essay

The presence of good and evil in the world remain as one of the most challenging issues in the contemporary society. Thus, researchers and scholars, philosophers and scientists have tried to define evil in the world. In this regard, evil is a force ...

Foundations of Capitalism essay

According to Younkins (1998), Capitalism is a system that includes the freedom of thought and voluntary action and applies this freedoms in such a way that it can lead to increased production. It is through capitalism that the concept of a free ...

Freedom essay

If there is a concept that has been widely contested the world over, then it is freedom. The contestable nature of the concept or word ‘freedom’ is on the other hand underpinned by the fact that its definition has in the time past been ...

Freedom essay

Freedom has been described by many as” the absence of any constraints” to an individual and the public in general, both external and internal. In essence, “political freedom regards the matter of the relation of power”, which ...

Globalization and Religious essay

There are a lot of definitions that have been ascribed to globalization. These definitions have a common base; that is the connectivity among different nations. The word globalization is coined from the word global that implies world over. Thus ...

Humanity essay

According to the Merriam-Webster's Dictionary, syncretism is "the fusion of different forms of practice or belief". Syncretism's application to world history is limitless and can therefore be considered an umbrella-like term that covers a wide range ...

Identity essay

Identity is the element that makes something or more preferably a person, recognizable and definable. For an individual, identity comprises the precise personality of a person regarded as persisting entity. This is what distinguishes one person from ...

Identity Theft essay

Introduction Identity theft is an expression that describes a range of unlawful behaviors involving theft or mishandling of private information. Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), identity theft is the use or alleged use of an account or ...

Imperialism essay

A conclusive universal modern meaning of the term imperialism has not been reached at with regard to references to concrete facts in the history of the past several decades. This is the period in which several European countries led by Britain ...

Important Elements of Drama essay

Theme: the central idea of a play is refers as the theme of a drama. It can also be clearly declared through action or dialogue or it can be inferred after study the whole performance. Plot: the plot of the drama is the order of events taking place ...

Information Functions essay

The word Information was derived from a Latin word “informare” which meant to “give form to”. The term information therefore refers to knowledge which is communicated about some particular subject, event or fact. It also ...

Integrity essay

Integrity is the notion of consistency of deeds, methods, values, principles, measures, outcomes and expectations. It is the truthfulness and honesty of one’s actions. Integrity therefore, refers to the state of being complete, intact, ...

Jewish Mysticism essay

Schafer (2009) contends that there is no universal way of defining mysticism due to its variation from one cultural community to another. However, the term “mysticism” was coined by scholars for the purpose of defining a number of ...

Leadership essay

Leadership is the art of getting things done by someone through people. An effective leader [is the one gets the things done in an effective manner. The traits of an effective leader include inspiring through displaying confidence in what he/she ...

Leadership essay

Introduction One of the commonest characteristics of relationships of human beings is that they tend to form organizations and then from these organizations they start ranking themselves. It is from these ranks that some people gain higher positions ...

Money Laundering essay

Money laundering refers to the process of covering money which has been acquired through illegal means by converting into other sources which appear to be legitimate. The money which has been acquired through legal means is normally referred to as ...

Morality essay

Morality refers to a set of behavioral concepts, environmentally intuited within a person's cognitive being, of what is good or bad behavior, in an organizational set up. From various morality theorists, morality is a perception of ...

Organizations essay

An organization may be defined as a social arrangement which seeks to attain collective goals through the control of its own performance, but with a clearly defined boundary that stipulates its operations. In the social sciences, the study of ...

Pen essay

Pen is a small enclosure for domestic Animals as cows, sheep, swine, or poultry. It was used in 1958 SHAKS, Mary W. III.IV 41 Tel...How my Father stole two Geese out of a Pen. It can also be used to mean a number of animals in a pen, or sufficient ...

Personal Support Worker essay

Personal support worker can be defined as the duties and responsibilities that an individual performs for example a PSW is can be involved in observing and also reporting of all clinical and the treatment information’s within an organization. ...

Personality essay

The term personality refers to an organized and dynamic set of characteristics possessed by an individual, as regards the patterns of thinking, acting and feeling towards things, which uniquely control a person’s motivations, mental processes ...

Positive Behavioral Support essay

Positive behavioral support is a general term that refers to the process of applying positive behavioral interventions as well as systems to help in achievement of socially important behavioral changes. The concept of positive behaviour support ...

Poverty in America essay

The United States (US) is an affluent country with plenty of resources. By most standards, it is the wealthiest nation in the world often referred as the ‘proverbial promised land’. In spite of general economic prosperity, millions of ...

Problem Definition Report essay

The current system of attendance in ABCCHS is a combination of both manual and automated components. Due to manual part the existing system at ABCCHS is time consuming and creating troubles for the management. Participants The participants involved ...

Product Recalled essay

Product recall is an office season three episode where a woman is approached by two men after seeing her having sex in the farm. She claims to have seen animals in the act, completely unaware of the fact that the two men saw her doing it with ...

Race and Ethnicity essay

U. S Census Bureau (2006) states that the word race is used to identify people according to the race to which they are closely related to by blood.  Before, people have been grouped in races depending on their biological linkage and ...

Reasoning essay

Faith Faith is the conviction or trust in the truth or reliability of an individual, idea or an object for which there may be no physical proof. Faith is absolute trust, the reverse of doubts. In the religious context, it is the trust in a Supreme ...

Relational Cultural Theory essay

Even though different moral issues may be developed from the existing different personalities of women, many people often draw their attention to a single feature of their personality; the extremism in the way they portray themselves. It is ...

Revision Skills essay

Revision can be defined as the correction and improvement of one’s writing skills (Xudong, 2003). Revision is done when ones work fails to meet the required standards of basic writing. It is recommended when ones work is analyzed and it is ...

Self Actualization essay

Self actualization can be defined as a process towards achieving one's full potential this involves the full use and exploitation of talents and potential. Self-actualized people see life more clearly, are less emotional and more objective. They ...

Spheres of Influence essay

Spheres of influence(SOI) is term mainly used in diplomacy to refer to a situation where a foreign influence or power has or maintains control to the host country despite the fact he’s is not part of the nation (French & Raven, 1991). The ...

Summary essay

Trust is simply referred to that believe that one party exposes towards a second party. It can also be understood on the perspective of faith and confidence in someone. Justice on the other hand deals with pure fairness. It is seen as the concept of ...

Team Player essay

Leadership is the act of influencing people socially to accomplish a set or common goal (Northouse, 2003). Effective leaders are people who process desires and the willpower. John Macionis was a leader of legacy eager to learn and share his ...

The Coca Cola Quality essay

Introduction There are quite a number of constructs of the idea of quality that are pertinent in various disciplines. This implies that there are descriptions by some scholars that might be pertinent in a given subject but not fully exhausted on ...

The Cubist Movement essay

Cubist movement can be described as an artist style that originated from France during the 20th century under stewardship of Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso. It is thought to have occurred in two stages, analytical (1907-1912) and synthetic ...

The Enlightenment essay

The meaning of the word is actually got from the beginning of his book. According to him, Enlightenment is the mankind’s coming of his final age, emancipation of man’s consciousness from being in a state of error and ignorance. The term ...

The Meaning and Sources of Public Policy essay

Public policy is the government’s attempt to address public policies. The city, state and federal governments develop their public policies in terms of regulations, laws, actions and decisions. The three parts that are involved in the making ...

Values Driven Leadership by Aubrey Malphurs essay

       Value driven leadership, as Malphurs defines it in his book, involves the mental and conscious participation of a leader. It involves a leader using his ethic commitments in the daily course of management activities. ...

Weapon?s of Mass Destruction essay

Abstract Weapons of mass destruction are not a theoretical subject. These weapons include Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) weapons. These were used and are still being used increasingly in military wars. Whether such weapons are ...

Wellness essay

Introduction This essay will examine the pathway to complete wellness and will include examples on the pathway to wellness for a lifetime. I will also give the components that make up total wellness and opinions concerning wellness since I started ...

What is Strategy? essay

Strategy is a term mostly used in management. It has different definitions according to the people who founded a specific form of strategy. Even though strategy has different ways of description, the expected outcome of strategies is similar. ...

Word Terms essay

Romanticism is the quality or state of being romantic, it can also be defined as an emphasis on the imagination and emotions, and marked by sensibility of one’s feelings, it can also be known as an appreciation of external nature or an ...

Workplace Security essay

Criminal activities have become very common in every society. When crime happens, its effects touch almost everyone in a certain extent. The effects and costs incurred vary widely and are dependent on the nature of crime. Some of the criminal ...

Xeriscaping essay

Xeriscaping is also known as xerogardening. It refers to landscaping and gardening in ways that reduce or eliminate the need for supplemental water from irrigation. It is promoted in regions that do not have sufficiently accessible, plentiful, or ...

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