Free Essay Sample «Watching Pornography »

Free Essay Sample «Watching Pornography »

Watching too much pornography come around with its own side effects. This is simply because it distorts the way people think to ward sex and sexuality in addition to the fact that it can lead to some sort of addiction. First of all, pornography bears crippling effects on the ability of a man to love. It takes people away from the world of reality .and pushes them into a world of fantasy and hence making then become evasive from the demands of love that is authentic. Judging by the way that pornography depicts men as indulging in their own lust without worrying or caring about contracting STD or pregnancy brings about some kind of problems. This is because it encourages people who watch porn to look at the institution of sex as just a way of deriving pleasure and hence it has no meaning at all and does not bear any consequences.

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 Porn videos never show women getting pregnant of any one contracting STD and this is the mentality it creates in people after watching it. In addition to this people are depicted to indulge in sex without bearing any form of embarrassment, remorse, guilt or fear and this is the kind of attitude that people especially the young generation adopt which is quite damaging. Sex according to the bible and the morals and norms of many societies is supposed to be sacred, between man and wife. But porn distorts this notion by demonstrating that people can have sex with anyone even stranger and without any fear. Love is not part of the equation in the world of porn for people to engage in sex has sex has no suffering or consequence at all. Protecting one’s partner or loved one is not considered a priority.


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