Free Custom «Twenty-Five Ways to Spot Quacks and Vitamin Pushers» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Twenty-Five Ways to Spot Quacks and Vitamin Pushers» Essay Paper

Food quakes and other vitamin pushers tells the story about nutrients partly leaving the most important parts, they tell the advantages of taking vitamins and minerals and disadvantages of not taking enough but fail to give guidelines of maintain a simple balanced diet. They claim that Most Americans are poorly nourished arguing that they depend on junk food and adequate diet is exceptional, and recommend nutrition insurance for everyone. They claim everyone is in danger, of deficiency and must take supplements as insurance. They pronounce that most of diseases are caused by faulty diet and can be treated with nutritional methods. They claim that the modern processing methods and storage remove all nutritive value from food, thereby advocating for supplements. They oversimplify and distort nutrition information claiming that diet is a major factor in behavior. They relate diet to not only disease but also to behavior of humans based on poor, delusion, and anecdotal research. These quacks purport that fluoridation is dangerous and advocate water filter to remove them. They oppose something nutritious to make money out of it claiming that soil depletion and use of pesticide and chemical fertilizers make our food less safe and nourishing. They allege that use of ordinary additives and preservatives creates danger of being poisoned, and claim the recommended dietary allowance (RDAs) are set too low and they set their own high up than most people need.

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These quacks allege that everyday stress and certain diseases demand more nutrients and while it may be true in some instances, these quakes advertise their supplements in a fraudulent ways. Further, they recommend health foods and supplements for everyone claiming that natural vitamins are better than synthetic ones. They advocate that questionnaire can judge whether one needs dietary supplements, but they act as a test to sell their supplements. They allege that it is easy to loose weight by taking their special pills and food combinations; furthermore, they often promise dramatic, quick, and miraculous results once one starts to use their supplements. During their practice, they usually sell their dietary supplements and vitamins usually at higher prices. Some quakes use disclaimers couched in pseudo-medical jargon like   detoxify, revitalize, and purify bodies instead of promising to cure diseases. They use testimonials and anecdotes to support their claims, which according to pure science are not repetitive to justify their claim.  According to these quacks, sugar is a deadly poison and is always cause of many diseases. The credentials they display are not recognizable by responsible educators and scientists. To determine client’s nutritional state, they use questionnaires and laboratory tests and claim to know ones nutritional state and further recommend products to use. Once confronted, they claim they are being prosecuted by orthodox medicine and are suppressed because their practice is controversial and they even warn people not to trust their doctors. Lastly, they search for political support, endorsement, and encourage their patients to support them since they cannot prove their methods.


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