Free Custom «Theme For English B» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Theme For English B» Essay Paper

Theme For English B is both realistic and controversial, as it speculates on the stance of being and human beings placed in suchlike being, so to speak. In other words, the lines from the poem reflect the idea of inner contradiction and eagerness to find out the truth. Langston Hughes sheds light on veiled phrases and words in his poem. In fact, the next lines are in focus:

Being me, it will not be white.

But it will be

a part of you, instructor.

You are white---

yet a part of me, as I am a part of you.

That's American (Anderson and Runciman 44).

As far as I can see, the use of “it” demonstrates a social protest of the narrator in order to show the versatility of the society. In other words, while reading these lines I feel that the American society cannot be related to the supremacy of the one race only. By contrast, it holds cross-cultural and the cross-relational virtues posited by the creators of the American democracy. “It” becomes a “part of you” once you have a clear idea of what America is. There is no tribute to physical but more to human and socially correct behavior notwithstanding the historical (largely tragic and disgraceful) past. Social conflict as well as long-lasting social debate in the American society is noteworthy through showing inequality at its shape, so to speak.

Thus, I may draw certain conclusions in that differences in color provoked by differences in socio-political development divided between various social groups and ethnicities are not a reason to say that everything American does not belong to you. That is, with the American identity, individuals are to share American values, virtues, responsibility, and amenities despite what people say but according to the law and social norms. This is the way Langston Hughes is about to hint on the significance of being a part of the society where mutual relationships between people are not marked with racial discrimination.



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