Free Custom «The Value of Human Life» Essay Paper

Free Custom «The Value of Human Life» Essay Paper

Since the onset of the modern society, the beliefs and views of individuals have taken a u-turn. Traditionally, before a child matures to an adult status he or she was thought uncountable lessons concerning life. The outstanding lesson was that killing a fellow being was wrong. This lesson puts a lot of emphasis on the value of life. Many young children knew that the killing was against both religious teaching and the law, but in reality, the society is marred with violence nearly every day.

As of now, the value of life is questionable. This is in reference to the young; the young are either aborted or murdered. This denies them their rights and freedoms. The young are seen as inhuman and more of a burden to the mother or family. The young ones are no longer considered as a precious gift from God. Therefore, with the many happenings, the value of human life cannot be measured.

According to the novel “For whom the Bell Tolls”, the theme that preoccupies it is about death. Characters like Robert Jordan and Anselmo was willing to give up their lives through their acceptance to blow a bridge and to die for the sake of others. This happening indicates that life is not of great essence. To them, life is of less value in terms of its use to save the lives of others. The other alternative in which individuals consider suicide in favor of suffering is an issue that shows that people do not value their lives. For instance, Robert Jordan gave preference to death in relation to being captured. He was even willing to take his life, be killed to avoid suffering. The doings of such character reflect the value that is attached to life (Hermingway, 54).

In everyday life, we encounter many happenings, some that are murders, abortion and accidents. There are high rates of abortion and accidents that are occurring. This reflects the kind of value that we have attached in our lives. The young ones are considered to be of no importance and value. In United States, abortion is considered as a method of family planning and a contraceptive. In addition, the practice of euthanasia by medical experts also shows the value we have against life. This is because the act is not just and voluntary. The practice is a times used against the will of the patient.

Moreover, every year thousands of Americans die through road accidents. This is a risk that can be controlled yet the government does neglect it. The negligence is evident by the existent of poor roads usage regulations. This shows the extent to which the government values the lives of its citizens. To some extent, the life of individuals cannot be ascertained to any economic value (Perera 14).

To many, they consider that any life is of more importance than no life at all. An individual will prefer life imprisonment rather than a death sentence. This clearly indicates that life is valuable and cannot be quantified in terms of its opportunity cost. According to the Christian teachings and morality, every human being has a right to life. The Christian teachings go against abortion and murder. These build on the fact that human life is so precious and with a soul that cannot be quantified.

The presence of certain processes in particular risk assessment and environmental policies have sidelined the full incorporation of human life value. The processes put a certain value on human life. The underwriters have also placed a particular figure on life as far as a medical cover is concerned. The ascertained value may not necessarily be the exact monetary value of human life. The value differs in different research, according to international standards the value is $50,000 whereas standoff economists gave the value as $129,000. This makes it difficult to measure precisely the value of life. The value of life cannot be used to compare the individual values. For instance, who is more valuable than the other?

For Christians, a life without the knowledge of Christ is worthless. This means that the human life when incorporated with the soul cannot be priced. It is clear that when an individual is saved, the value of his or her life changes to be sacred. Life of all human beings is under the control of a divine being. To Christians, a person’s life is of intrinsic value as compared to the life of animals. This is evidence by the possibility of selling livestock with a particular price tag.

The importance of life is also evident in the government laws to guard the life of its citizens against any harm. Many countries have right to life as the outstanding right in the constitution. These strengthen the amount of value that the government accord to one’s life (Kingsbury, 114).

Every person whether young or old, strong or weak, well or ill has a right to life. The value of an individual life is of the essence to the individual and more so, to the individual’s family. All individuals and society have great value towards life as evident by the sorrow they suffer when they lose one of their loved ones. Even in times of suffering, an individual will prefer to continue living as opposed to dying. This is because there is no equivalence to life. Every individual should act as a custodian of the life of other beings. The government plays an important role in ensuring that the life of an individual is well protected and the required conditions approved.



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