Free Custom «The Sexiest Shoes of the Year» Essay Paper

Free Custom «The Sexiest Shoes of the Year» Essay Paper

Object analysis refers to the critical analysis of a particular object so as to answer several questions about it. Object analysis may be carried out based on visual analysis. Visual analysis is giving a vivid description of a piece of work of art entirely based on observation. In a visual analysis one is expected to give an analysis that is described the appearance of the object, the material it is made of and all the concepts that are associated with the object in question. In the world of fashion, object analysis is of great significance because it outlines the history of fashion and the developments that have been realized over time. Object analysis therefore, outlines the new contributions that are brought out by each and every piece of work in the world of fashion. (Books, LLC 2010)

Shoes are a very important part of fashion especially so for the ladies who are always out to ensure that they are looking good and outstanding. Each and everyday designers all over the world are engaged in activities that are aimed at ensuring that they come up with some new designs. The best designs are displayed in museums so as to be at the disposal of anyone interested. It is because of the competition to ensure that one’s designs are the best that there is a contest for shoes designs. In the 2010 contest for the ‘Sexiest shoes of the year’, Christian Louboutin’s Maralena designer piece was voted the sexiest shoe of the year.

According to (Steele 1998) “Object-based research provides unique insights into the historic and aesthetic developments of fashion,” this is an indication of how important object analysis of the pieces of fashion is, in this case the object analysis of the sexiest shoe of the year, as it helps trace back the developments in the world of fashion over the years. This is because every designer’s utmost objective is to come up with something unique to identify themselves with in each and every piece of their work. The views put forward by Steele are arguably true as every development in fashion definitely leads to more beauty and the overall appearance gradually improves.

In cities all over the world there are fashion museums that display the various fashions. In Paris, the international capital of fashion, there are two widely known fashion museums namely; Galliera and Louvre. Galliera mainly comprises of the historical dress while Louvre comprises of mainly the upcoming contemporary trends in the world of fashion. This is a clear confirmation of the views shared by Steele in her work. It is only in Italy where there are hardly any fashion museums.

Christian Louboutin’s Maralena stilettos are five inches high and have been rated sexy. Placed in a distance one can easily tell that they are shoes and hence if interested, a first glance is all that one needs. They are peep toes heels hence making them wearable even in the hot season as there is enough breathing of the toes. The shoes are Swarovski-encrusted and are available in the preferred color of the buyer. The shoe also has prints that resemble animal print marks making them even more gorgeous. These designs are unique and ultimately captivating.

The shoe is the original work of Christian Louboutin. She is female designer who has interest in the wild feel of animals. This is clear through her use of the animal prints on the shoes. It also shows that she has some special interest in nature and hence the need to use the animal prints in her work. The shoe was made in the United States as the designer is from the United States. The shoe shows the designers love for fashion and upcoming trends in the world of fashion. The fact that the shoe is already approved by more than 8000 voters who voted for it is a clear indication that the designer already understands the needs of the ladies in terms of their preferred shoes types.

The shoes have been widely worn by all the lovers of fashion as it is already voted fashionable and sexy. It has been noted that there celebrities who have been spotted wearing the shoes already. For instance, Lindsay Lohan, the famous actress was spotted wearing the designer shoes on the day she was appearing in court. Seeing someone, and especially celebrities, wearing this shoes shows that the person appreciates the work of the designer and that they are also keeping up to date with the latest fashion trends. Wearing these shoes could also imply that the person has no problem with spending a lot of money on something that they could still get another version of, at an even lower price. This is based on the fact the shoe costs $2445, which many buyers have complained to be highly overpriced. (Murphy 2009)

The shoe does not provide a solution to the people who would not be able to walk comfortably in the high heels. This is because this could be a limiting factor based on the fact that many people might love the fashion sense of the shoe but they might now be comfortable in the shoe. There is the probability that men might like the fashion sense of the designer yet the designer only provided the shoe for the ladies and none for the men. The shoe also limits the wearer of shoes to the outdoor activities that they may get involved. For example, if one was going for an outdoor activity at the beach, the shoes would be a restricting factor and they would therefore need to get an alternative; it is not multipurpose.

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There is hardly anything that meets all the needs of al and sundry. As such, all object when analyzed, will contain their flaws. This implies that nothing is perfect but we only try to get out the best out of the available imperfections, from the above object analysis of the sexiest shoe of the year, it is clear that even those objects that are referred to as being the best in a particular category; they too have their flaws and limitations. This implies that we should never judge any object by only what hits us at first glance, always make a point of reviewing and analyzing the objects that you intend to use in your everyday’s life.

Generally, it is clear that the views put forward by Steele in her work with regards to fashion have a strong basis. It is also clear that object based research helps to understand the trend taken by the development of the object and the historic detail that has been utilized in that particular piece of work. Shoes are a very crucial part of fashion and every other day designers are hoping to come with various unique trends to keep meeting the needs and requirements of the very expectant fashion world. The direction that is taken in the fashion world is entirely dependant on the needs of the consumers and wearers of the fashion trends. It is therefore, the work of the designers to ensure that they meet the needs and the expected standards of the demanding consumers and buyers of their designs (Jewitt & Leeuwen 2001).



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