Free Custom «The Information Super High Way» Essay Paper

Free Custom «The Information Super High Way» Essay Paper

An internet is a global network that connects or links many computers all over the world. This networking enhances or creates room for an easy means of communication. It also relieves people from walking long distances to deliver information. Many countries can also interact through the internet hence creating good relationship among countries due to the fact that they can exchange their views or opinions on any matter that may arise and needs a serious consultation. An internet is not only for communication but also for learning. This can be seen in countries which are highly developed technologically. It contains references and solutions to certain issues that may be problem to an individual or even an organization. The world is developing at a high speed technologically making some of the human activities easier.

Jennifer (2006) asserts that though theinternet is of great importance and has made life simple and enjoyable to people in various ways, it is also trying to bring out a negative side of it to its identity via various problems it has unnerved for its users. There are also great problems linked to the data unreservedly present on the internet. The issue of theft or misuse of this data or information is likely to be one of the possible problems to the internet. Under several occasions, people use information’s that are not necessarily theirs during research or any activity that may require some personal skills. Another limitation of the internet is that allows for a great pact of anonymity to a large many people who may be in a position of accessing various forums, websites and not to forget do the chat rooms exist. This has created room for changed persons to at times get an atmosphere of abusing and misusing the trust of the innocent people.

Given that business transactions and monetary transactions have turn out to be easier because of theinternet, an additional problem that has grown is that people can abuse ones confidential information together with the financial particulars i.e. the number of the credit card. There have been various issues or cases linked to financial deceptions and other tribulations that people have seen pegged to the inappropriate use of such susceptible information. Some deceitful folks have been thriving in creating viruses and link that once an individual or any other person clicks can automatically convey one’s private email addresses and other information to certain people and may be one’s bank account details in some severe cases. In a situation where finances are introverted or where perceptive data are attained is called phishing (Storm, 2006).

Another predicament that the internet has caused is that of spamming and this is the action whereby unnecessary emails and any other possible links are forwarded in large numbers to people. These emails may be appropriate in advertisement or unsystematic immense emails and these can have viruses that may possibly distort the structure and even if they don not be of any harm they can aggravate. The internet led to the rise of to viruses that can shatter devastation in the system and cause a lot of destruction. Numerous websites are tarnished for distribution hardware, viruses and other malevolent software that can lower speed of the computer and or harm it.

The internet is predominantly nice-looking for a child given that it has so a lot to offer in terms of amusement or entertainment. On the other hand pornography is a solemn danger in today’s world and this can form the basis of great tribulations in terms of emotional and psychological well being of the youngster. There are virtually millions of pornographic locations and with no control a child can without doubt fall into ensnare of entering such locations. Although many informative locations are present there is also a bad part to the internet that contains of a lot of awkward sites that can necessitate solemn effects on a youngster throughout these susceptible ages. Though the internet has united various countries or brought a lot of transformation in the world, it has le to the formation severe damages to associations and progress of individuals. This is for the reason that the internet has addictive haul and people do surf the internet for several hours in a day. Chat rooms and meeting or other routes of interrelation cannot actually reinstate true life hanging out and if that occurs, internet can be rather unfavorable.

The Internet is of a great role to the lives of mature men or people and that of the teenagers. The significance of the Internet in a youngster’s life boosted each day that comes by. Young people are initializing to utilize the Internet in innumerable ways, that array from attending to there work in school to transferring themselves central around the globe the. As long as the requirement for being fast, in detail data is still in place, the call for for the Internet will be burly.

According to John (2003), the Internet sets at the vanguard of technology in medication. This worldwide system of computers had its early stages in networking scheme within the United States and Western Europe in the year1960 and above. The predecessor of the Internet was ARPANET, a long-distance technological network financed with the unit of protection that associated together computers all over the United States. In the year Nineteen Eighty ARPANET was outdated by NSFNET, successions of networks generated by the National Science organization, which launched the current organization of the Internet. The corporeal makeup of the Internet looks like and is incorporated with the telephone structure. Long-distance information transport duties are offered by hefty technological companies, known as the (NSPs), in the course of high-powered, high-speed state and international yarn optic cables.

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These transport services are contacted via Internet service suppliers, corresponding to local Bell functioning companies, provide the corporeal connection to the NSPs for persons and association. Telecommunications within the Internet are unswerving by a set of connections procedures, the TCP/IP protocol sets that depict course-plotting of communication over the Internet, computer christening principle, and universally used Internet services i.e. e-mail. Currently, the Internet includes over twenty million computers internationally and is enduring growth at a hasty rate. Besides the growth of the Internet, advanced pace contact techniques are donation a variety of novel services such as concurrent video and tone communications. Medical instruction, training, and examination, as well as scientific practice, will be precious in plentiful different ways by these proceedings (Storm, 2006).

The immense discussion of late has been over the employment of the Internet in education today. Upcoming from a discipline that do not have Internet contact, It is feel that solitarily is it not innovation, but it is also initializing to suit a stipulation. Students who have the dispensation to dig up the Internet cover a discrete gain over the students who are less providential. Internet-able students encompass the prospect to contact information at an incredible rapidity, and generating their information happen to be less dreary, and might even contract kids concerned in school.

The recompense only starts with school exertion; the personnel is also centered about the computer, and eloquently knowing how to utilize the Internet offers children a huge lead when they do go in the personnel and may be college! Now those are the advantages, and of course where there is an advantage there is always a defect. There is at all times obtainable things to be a dread of children using the Internet in a menacing manner. It is believed suppose that you can get rid of that fear within some weeks of Internet fundamentals and Internet security education. The initial drawback when using the Internet is that one’s private information is not protected.

Actuality, as one browse through the web, interpret emails, download software or talk with a friend, a Trojan, identified as a unseen series, is sent to one’s computer with no permission and knowledge an individual. It will filch and shift all the data one accumulates to the dispatcher. This personality, after that, may build use of or provide it to someone else. For instance, if one exploit the Internet to shop for the services, your tribute card number can be getting lost, and then the funds in the bank account can possibly be worn up. Or if one sends various private materials to the business associates, one’s adversaries may attempt to whip it and damage ones company (Storm, 2006).

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Pornography is the next inconvenience of the Internet. This is a very solemn issue particularly when it comes to kids. These days there are thousands site o watching pornographic movies on the Internet that can be simply found. These locations are very destructive to the children, and may provoke them to be active out sexually alongside others. According to the cram of canvasser Dr. Jennings Bryant concerning six hundred American gentlemen and feminine of low-grade high school epoch and over, Thirty one percent of the gentlemen and Eighteen percent of the feminine confessed actually doing a number of of the things they have experienced in the pornography.

Furthermore, a latest revision has revealed that common revelation to pornography may cause the kids to engross in sexual sickness, sexual obsession and unintentional pregnancies, which have awful pressure on the children’s psychological life.

The previous convict is virus danger. A virus is not anything but a series which interrupt the standard performance of a computer structure. Computers emotionally involved to the internet are more most likely to be destroyed or experience by virus molest and they may lead into deliberating a computer’s pace, obliterating information and deafening the entire hard disk. Maybe the majority of us have once experienced infestations from viruses regardless of how hard we have attempted to avoid them from contaminate the computers by using anti-virus series. So we ought to know clearly that they form the basis of bad indemnity, but are predictable.

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Many people are also addicted to the internet and this is very dangerous to our economy. If life is to continue with the addiction, then laziness can affect the entire world. This is so because it does not allow one time to attend to hi or her personal duties or responsibilities. The issue of the internet mostly affect the youth who are still growing and to pay attention to their school work. There are various programmes that are not healthy to the youths who are still in undergoing their education system. The internet is supposed to be treated as the reference board that has solutions and references to certain problems (DeAngelis, 2000).

Though there are various entertainment sectors of the internet, they are supposed to be considered as the after-work entertainment. To stop this issue, people should try to understand and outweigh the consequences that may arise due to excess surfing. There are also some disorders linked to the excess exploration of the internet and one the eye problem that caused by light from a computer. Addiction cannot be necessarily stopped but controlled to a given extent. Children should always be controlled and this can be achieved by giving them a specified time of surfing.

As per the adults who also fall victims of the addiction, there should be a special panel of counselors who can counsel them and educate the appropriately on both the advantages and the disadvantages of the internet. With this counseling there can be at least a drop or a fall in the rate at which surfing is done. Another problem is the congestion of the internet networks or lines. The congestion at times cause make the internet to be slow hence delaying some of the important information that may be needed urgently by certain organizations. Jobs are not done to the letter as some of the employees and managers send most of the time surfing. This also leads to laziness in some organizations as managers do not have time of supervising his employees. The internet seems to be addictive due to the large amount of information it contain but people misuse the information to achieve some of their awkward wants that in turn affect the country and the entire world negatively (Suzanne and Matt, 2002).

Suzanne and Matt, (2002) affirms that appropriate measures should therefore be looked into to help the control of addiction. There are various ways in which addiction can be stopped and this can only be done so if people are ready to accept them and respect them appropriately. Children are not supposed to be exposed to the internet at a tender age as this would affect future generation. This is so because they are counted upon as the leaders of tomorrow. This may not only be a measure of securing our future generation but also stopping addiction. Addiction cannot be stopped at a mature stage but at an earlier stage. As the mature addicted individuals get old and die, so the new generation arises and all these changes can only be achieved in the new generation.



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