Free Custom «?The Importance of Leadership in Managing Change?» Essay Paper

Free Custom «?The Importance of Leadership in Managing Change?» Essay Paper

This paper seeks to analyze the article by Bacal and associates. The title of the article is “The Importance of Leadership in Managing Change.” According to the title of the article the author seeks to examine the role of leadership in places where there is a change. As most people will put it, change is inevitable and for this reason, the author explores this subject of change in connection with leadership. The article is under the site of The Supersite which majorly deals with writing of articles related to managers, communication specialists and human resource pros. The article is accessible via the internet under the site of the Supersite.

In summary, the article talks about the role of leadership in any organization which is undergoing changes. According to the author, any organizational changes, no matter how minor, require management and formal leaders to carry out their duties-lead. In this case, the author is referring to all changes even the most traumatic ones like layoffs and downsizing and the positive ones too. The author cites three areas where leadership is vital in the event of change in any organization. These areas are the initial stage of change implementation, the road through the change process and, lastly, the phase after change. The duration for change in the organization or business varies with the reason for change and aim of the change. For some companies, it may last up to five years and, in this period, the junior staff will look up to the management level to guide them through the process. In the case of radical change times, employees will seek for sensible and effective planning coupled with efficient communication from their leaders. For this reason, the leader or manager should be a person who can exhibit all these traits and the old personnel together through the change process (Bacal & Associates, 2011).

Before any change, there must be the leadership which will give direction to the change process. The groundwork for change will be in the hands of the leader and this will be in terms of providing building resources and forming a strong organization which will be able to take any change. Leadership is a powerful tool during change implementation as this stage has the following signs with loss of direction, confusion, lack of clarity, and reduced productivity. At this point, the traits of a smart decision-maker by the managers and leaders will be useful to the organization. The last phase, when change has finally settled in, leadership is still mandatory as it will guide the employees (Bacal & Associates, 2011).

In as much as the author displays the role of leadership in a positive way it is also pertinent to note that these leaders are human beings just like the other employees. Chances of them breaking down or losing focus during the process of change are high because they also have emotions and their weaknesses. Change is a process that calls for the contribution of the entire organization and leadership only cannot see through the entire process. Leaders will have to work with the employees as human beings so that they can understand the whole change. Some of the characters the authors talk about in the article can also be found in the junior employees and, therefore, leadership does not only lie with the managers. For this reason, the process of change should not only be a responsibility of the leaders but an obligation of the organization’s personnel. Through this view, the change process will be a smooth one for everyone as they will understand the significance and benefits of a change. Playing leadership roles in the above phases of change is not easy as the person will have to deal with the employees and his or her own reactions to the change. It will, therefore, call for group motivation and to allow everyone to chip in the process so that the burden is not left for one party only.


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