Free Custom «The Beach in the August » Essay Paper

Free Custom «The Beach in the August » Essay Paper

This essay shows a critical review of a live performance of the poem the beach in the August by Weldon Kees at Limmud. It also shows how the poem has been subjected to judgment on the basis of criteria and evidence. Using illustration s it shows how the live performance has either elevated the poem of distracted it and a review of this live performance has been a personal opinion.

The poem beach in the august talks about the condition of human beings and the poet illustrates this by the way the fat women looses their lives by diving into the water. The poet also highlights the uselessness of human body after it has lost its life. He says that, the sea kills human souls and then the tides removes them and let them die and dry in the sun but still beckons for the living souls to join it.

The poet clearly manages to pass out the message by using imagery. He likens the human remains/the dead body with pieces of old fruit. He says”…I thought about the human condition. Pieces of the old fruit came in and were left by the side”. By simply referring to human life as a fruit, he talks about the condition of the human life that is it can be easily be destroyed and be come useless [what I thought of the human life condition was this: old fruit comes in and is left, and dries in the sun. another fat human …] this quote shows how the beach is a killer during August season. The poet clearly shows that the beach is a killer during August season and only targets the living. The poet usage of fat women in this poem is imagery in that he refers to those who are heavily bodied and cannot swim .He succeeds to caution people who fall in this category through repetition…[a day a fat woman…another fat woman…and in the last stanza, a woman, moderately stout].

The first paragraph of the poet which says [the day the fat woman in the bright blue bathing walked in the water and died. I thought about the human condition…]. This passage introduces the subject matter to the readers and also the theme of the poem by mentioning such aspects as death, woman and the human condition.

The second passage is drawn from the second paragraph that says “what I thought of the human condition was this; old fruit comes out and is left, and dries in the sun] this passage develops the aspect of human condition as lifeless and of no importance when it is dead. The poet also says ‘Another fat human in dull bathing suit dives into the water and dies’. In this passage the author repeatedly refers to human and death matter thus builds emphasis on the theme and subject matter introduced in the first paragraph. In The last stanza, the poet says ‘we die and dry in the sun while the seascape arranges old fruit….at noon another moderately human…swims to pier’ this passage clearly brings out, the authors message that human beings die in this beach during August holiday but people still continue to visit the beach and more lives will be lost. These passages fit well by systematically introducing the subject matter of the poem and the themes and later build on the subject and the themes in the later passages in a sequential manner.

The live performance of this poem by welding Kees at Limmud elevates the poem through appropriate intonation, gestures and facial expressions. During the performance there is timely intonation of the words such as the day the fat woman, pieces of the old fruit and human condition among others clearly bring the authors message of cautioning people about the beach as a killer during August season. There is also intonation of phrases such as…old fruits comes in and is left and we dry die and left in the sun, this shows the attitude of the speaker towards the subject of the poem, an aspect that could have been difficult to capture, if the poem was simply read out. there are facial expressions during mentioning of certain words such as frowning when word such as pieces of old fruit, I thought about human nature and we die and dry in the sun. This facial expression elevates the mood of the poem as sad. Hands gestures are also used while mentioning the phrases dives in to the water and dies and pieces of old fruit came and were left by the tide. These gestures helps to illustrate the care free attitude of the women and others as they dive in the sea and also how human body be comes useless after it is dead

In conclusion, the live performance of the poem the beach in the august by welding Kees at Limmud elevates the poem by aiding in bringing the meaning of the poem, and the attitude through the use of tone variation, gestures and facial expressions.



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