Free Custom «Television Reality Shows» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Television Reality Shows» Essay Paper

The writer of this book has tried a lot to analyze the topic of reality television shows. The aim of the book is to present to the reader the whole idea behind the television realty shows and their transformations. The book offers an opportunity for readers to observe how television reality shows have transformed over the years. The book helps readers recognize what actually the reality TV shows promise (Silverman and Rader 168).

This chapter starts by the writer giving the readers a brief description of the reality shows. The writer has brought up this immense topic about television shows clearly, in a way every one can understand (Silverman and Rader 169).

The writer argues that reality TV shows have become common in the modern days and points out the manner in which the show producers are trying to come up with to make their shows real. However, these shows are not real sometimes. Although each reality TV show tries to be real in every aspect of its production, as the writer has observed in this book, many reality TV shows do not come out clearly to be real (Silverman and Rader 170).

The author compares present reality shows to the traditional ones. He discusses the styles from the traditional style of writing to the current one and compares the similarities and differences. The writer shows the difference in content of the traditional reality shows and the modern ones and singles out the development of technology as one of the major contributor of the change in composition of the reality show.

The chapter ends with the writer giving his thoughts about the reality shows and the impact they have created up to now. The writer also cites a few remarks about his thought about the reality shows and what the critics have said before (Silverman and Rader 173).


The writer of this book has tried a lot to analyze the topic of reality television shows. The book offers an opportunity to trace the transformation of the television reality shows, which took place over the years. The book can help readers understand what the reality TV shows actually mean, since the writer has brought up this massive concern about TV reality shows  in detail and at the same time clearly (Silverman and Rader 168).

The writer emphasizes that reality television shows have become common in the modern days. Many new shows continue to come up every day and night. It is obvious that although all reality TV shows strive to appear real, not many shows can achieve this objective and come out clearly to be real and ‘close to life’. The writer has acknowledged the fact that across the world, many television reality shows are trying with all means to get real by enhancing their presentation skills. However, most of them still do not come up with the best production techniques. The real people in the reality television shows pose most of fictional characters. In all the aspects, the reality shows attempt to explore, as one can clearly point out, a fictional character.

The writer has effectively developed the points about his argument that reality shows, although do not use scripted formats, sometimes show some characteristics of acting. The writer, however, does not use ethos efficiently enough to disclose to the writer many things about reality shows. He uses a rigorous description of his ideas with relevant examples, which most readers are aware of, “ABC, executive along with the NBC, FOX and CBS, promised…..” (Silverman and Rader 170). In this section, the writer demonstrates how modern reality shows are by far different from earlier production. The book reminds the reader of ancient reality shows, such as The candid camera.

Thus, the writer reminds us that although pioneer reality shows brought about the actual meaning of reality television shows, many of modern reality shows, like Survivor Africa, are very different .The use of young people in the reality show has brought much conflicts and immorality among the viewers. Some of this reality shows over expose their actors, which has brought many irresponsible screening of the so called reality shows. Besides, some of the reality shows do not use professional characters in their show, thus provide viewers with shoddy views. However, this is not a serious problem as sometimes most viewers will appreciate those naïve characters.

This is the reason why most of the reality shows continue to gain more and more diversity among the viewers. The various formats of reality television today continue to grow and pressure most of the other educative programs in the television. Although some reality shows are dedicated to improving individual talents and skills, most of them do not have a social role to play in society.

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Moreover, most of the reality shows lack the skills to provide viewers with the actual real fun and entertainment. They are primarily involved in making money from the promoters and televisions, instead of assuring the viewers the absolute price for their time. In this book, the writer has given some examples of such reality TV shows. Modern reality shows use a variety of objectives available today to make sure that they attract the attention of the viewer.

Reality TV shows are supposed to take the viewer into a point of confusion between the real world and the world in the show. However, in most situations many of these do not happen. Many of the viewers still find themselves in circumstances that they think they are watching a fictional movie. The timings of most of the reality TV shows sometimes are not efficient enough to make the viewers know the truth about the reality shows, since many of the programs are aired late in the nights while presenting the topics about daytime. Although most of the reality shows require editing, it does not need to be too much. Too much of editing will provide the shows an opportunity for manipulation of the content and it will make the show lose its meaning as a reality show. Most of today’s reality shows filter their work due to sponsorship deals and manipulate to boost their reputation with the sponsors. Reality shows should never be scripted as this dilutes the meaning of reality show. However, some of them  have currently started scripting their work (Silverman and Rader 174).

Theoretically, reality television has transformed a lot from early versions. Most improvement is under the production of the programs, as the reality shows have incorporated the ideas of new technology in their work. Together with a more sophisticated television environment, the shows are becoming more and more complex every day. Most the characters in reality shows are celebrities who are very popular among the viewers. Though the reality shows need to be attractive to viewers, this idea needs to stop. Many of people find it difficult to connect the relationship between the real celebrities and the characters in the shows.

The use of new technologies in reality shows has brought a concern about the privacy of some people, since many of them find it difficult to stay under surveillance in every step they make. The use of hidden cameras in places like toilets can infringe a person’s right of freedom of movements. The small microphones also deny people the right of freedom of expression.



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