Free Custom «South Park » Essay Paper

Free Custom «South Park » Essay Paper

South Park presents to a large extent the main idea that is shared by the co creators who were Parker and Stone in regard to the attitude that is held towards distrust of political extremism. This is in full agreement with the main ideas that are presented by Karl Popper as he portrays his dislike and discontent that he has towards the totalitarian governments. The two co creators have effectively accomplished expressing this to the viewers by fully creating not only characters but also situations that are in full agreement with the fact that totalitarian societies are not at all to be admired especially in the current age where democracy and freedom is a thing to be given to all people without any form of hesitation (Maasik and Jack 299).

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This is expressed in the slight poke on Islam that Parker and Stone have offered in the different scenes within their controversial cartoon skit. It is true as per the presentations that the two co creators have offered that Islam is turning out to be the new totalitarian system in the world today. As a matter of fact, as it is illustrated in the various skits that they offer, Islam is not only affecting the Muslims in regard to its totalitarian system. It is affecting the whole human race hence can be indicated as a global crisis (Stratyner 91). As a matter of fact, issues such as Jihad come out as the fruits of the totalitarian society. Just as was mentioned by Karl Popper, it is not only in governments where totalitarianism exists. The closed system can be found in societies too and it is due to this fact that the carton episode has shifted away from governments and is directly analyzing some of the most striking characteristics of societies that are run under the totalitarian system. It is as a consequence of this fact that the Islamic society has been chosen by Parker and Stone as the perfect illustration of a system where freewill and democracy never exists (Maasik and Jack 300). As a matter of fact, as Karl Popper puts it in his own words, the society in this particular case is a closed one which does not allow its members any free space to express their ideas nor challenge or even argue what is presented to them.

The consequences of such kind of a system are clearly seen to be heavily impacting onto the society. As had been mentioned earlier, Parker and Stone offer the example of Jihad that is a common thing in the Islam society. The reasons that these societies are interested in this closed system are clearly illustrated by Parker and Stone using the cases such as Jihad. As was mentioned by Karl Popper the closed society acts as a result of selfish needs which are inconsiderate of the needs of the entire society. As a result of such a system, the people in the society are bound to suffer whether they like or not. The only cure for such tightly closed society being that the members of the society themselves come together to eradicate the system (Stratyner 77). It is in this particular example that Jihad is being cited as a case where the members of the society are forced into suicide missions that are encrypted with the name holy war yet they are the ones who die leaving behind the main leaders of the system.


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